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State Jewelry Auction to Sell 6 Carat Diamond Ring

State Jewelry Auction to Sell 6 Carat Diamond Ring

If you are looking for a way to cash in on some jewelry, potentially for less than what it may cost to purchase it, you may want to head to the Fort Lauderdale Airport Hilton Hotel. The State of Florida is hosting its auction of items left behind in bank safety deposit boxes to the public. This year, there are more than a few stunning items worthy of inspection and purchase.

Perhaps the most dazzling piece will be a six-carat diamond ring. There’s no word on the reserve set for this piece, but it is likely to have at least a small reserve to ensure it fetches enough. Also of note is an 8.6-carat diamond and gold watch, which may be worth even more to the right buyer. For silver collectors, there will be a 59-piece sterling silver flatware set up for grabs, too. If you are the type to collect currency and coins, there is reason to visit for these items as well. The state noted that a 1776 $7 Continental currency note is up for auction at the sale.

The two day event will be held August 23rd and 24th. The first day will give prospective buyers a chance to view the items. The actual auction will take place on the 24th. The property came to the state from abandoned safe deposit boxes from financial institutions throughout Florida. These institutions are required to turn these items over to the state. The funds from the annual auctions help to fund schools.

This isn’t even the first event to take place this year. In June, a similar auction took place in Tampa. That event helped to sell an 1876 gold watch, as well as a 1776 Continental note. It netted the state $1.16 million from 220 bidders. The event in Fort Lauderdale may provide even more for the state since it includes an additional 4000 pieces, for a total of 80,000 items up for auction.

Though you do not necessary have to buy at auction to find stellar jewelry pieces, picking up items at such events could be profitable, especially if you are looking for that rare item.


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