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Standing Out This Season with Gemstone Rings

Standing Out This Season with Gemstone Rings

gemstone rings and diamonds

Considering the options one can find with gemstone jewelry pieces, that gemstone rings remain the most popular option means they’re worth checking out. A gemstone ring makes the gemstone most accessible to the wearer’s eyes. So, if you buy a gemstone ring, it’s not just people around you who can appreciate its beauty, you also do!  

In addition, precious and semi-precious gemstone rings often feature larger gemstones than other types of jewelry. It’s like a trophy you can wear.

Meanwhile, shopping for a gemstone ring might be a very fun experience, but locating the right jewelry store is often the challenge. You want to find a trustworthy place that sells high-quality gemstone rings at a fair price. Also, you want a jewelry store that will give you expert advice and some background information on the stones at hand.

Read on to discover details you need to know about these gemstone rings, why and where to buy yours, and how to style them. 

Clear Diamonds and Others

For the more traditional bride-to-be, diamonds might be part of your engagement ring of choice. Even if you choose to have diamonds as the centerpiece or accent of your engagement ring, you can choose unique and colorful stones to pair with diamonds that will create a unique and truly beautiful ring that you will love forevermore.

One of the great things about clear diamonds is that they pair well with pretty much any other stone. You can choose any color and it will pair well with a clear, high-quality diamond. Many choose to use diamonds as accent stones set around another center gemstone. 

Others will go the opposite direction and have a central diamond as the focal point of the ring and surround it with some sort of different type of stone. If you want a more daring look, you might pair colored diamonds with other stones. 

Types of Gemstone Rings

gemstone rings

Gemstone rings come in a wide range of colors, from grey and black to pink or blue. Yellow diamonds are the rarest and most coveted colored diamonds and they come with a hefty price tag but can provide a stunning centerpiece for an engagement ring.

Let’s take a look at some of the most stunning gemstones for engagement rings.


Rubies are stunning gems that range in color from a pinkish hue to deep blood red. The stone is in the Corundum family and is a rare, but very durable stone. To the surprise of many, rubies are oftentimes more expensive than diamonds due to their rarity, especially if you want one of the deepest red, richly-hued stones. 

Rubies can be treated and cut into pretty much any shape. They are not, of course, as hard as diamonds, but they are exceptionally hard stones making them suitable for unique cutting and finishes. Since they are so hard, they can take pretty much any type of cutting style that diamonds can take. 

ruby gemstone rings

An interesting note about rubies is that they are sapphires, but we separate them due to their color. The category of sapphire includes all the other colors of gems in the Corundum family. Due to their incredibly unique color, rubies are placed in their category of stone. 

Rubies are not only prized for their rich color and hard, durable properties, but they also have what are called fluorescent properties. What this means is that in the sunshine, these stones give off a glow that is stunning and unique, making them highly prized.


As we say in the section above, sapphires are a larger family of gemstones in the Corundum family. These stones come in a variety of colors, but we typically think of a rich, royal blue-colored stone. However, sapphires can be white, black, yellow, orange, pink, purple, or even brown.

These stones are prized for their wide range of colors and also their durability. Diamonds are the hardest stones we know of, with a Mohs hardness of 10 – which is the highest. Sapphires rate 9 on the Mohs scale, which makes them well-suited to a wide range of cuts and finishes. 

Sapphire is a tough and durable stone that has fluorescent properties so it glows and glints in the sunlight. 


If you want a truly unique-looking ring, opals are a great choice. These are highly unique stones that come in a range of iridescent colors that glint and shine like no other type of stone. Opal is classified as a mineraloid because it has highly amorphous properties.

There are two main classes of opals: precious and common. Precious opals have iridescence, whereas common opals do not. For wedding rings, most people choose precious opals because of the way the color plays and glints in different lighting conditions.

The opal’s internal characteristics cause the stone to diffract light, which results in what is called play-of-color and gives the opal its unique luster. Opals can be translucent or opaque and have background colors of pretty much any hue.

These stones have a very unique and sophisticated array of colors that play in the light in incredibly beautiful ways. Black opal is the rarest type of opal and this stunning stone will make a statement piece out of any engagement ring.


emerald gemstone rings

Emeralds are stunningly hued, richly green stones that get their color from small amounts of chromium or vanadium. The main composition of the stone is beryl.  This material is hard enough to be cut but is far less hard than diamonds and other harder stones. Emeralds rate between 7.5-8 on the Mohs hardness scale.

These stones are rather rare. Some estimates say they are 20 times rarer than diamonds. For this reason, they tend to be a lot more expensive than diamonds to many people’s surprise. 

The more saturated and green the stone, the rarer and higher quality the emerald is. Emeralds will range from a blue-green to a saturated, deep, and rich green. The more green the stone, the more coveted the stone is and the higher price it will command. 

There is an incredibly rare type of stone called a red emerald or bixbite. It is the rarest type of emerald and comes in a red hue. It is so rare and expensive that it is prohibitive for many people to use in engagement rings. 


Topaz is a rather unusual stone that is lesser known than many of the other stones we have looked at here. These stones range in color from deep, rich orange, to green, pink, and purple. The stone is a silicate mineral that is comprised of aluminum and fluorine. 

In its natural state, topaz is generally a brownish or golden color. Other impurities in the stone will give it other hues. There is a range of treatments used on topaz, which will change the hue of the stone. These give it a red, pink, opaque, or even green color. 

These are highly unique stones that aren’t often used in engagement rings because of their unusual color. For the right person, however, these stones are eye-catching, and stunning, and make a great option for a truly unique engagement ring that will be the talk of the town. 

Topaz can be less expensive than many of the other stones we discuss here.  Rarer or treated stones are popular when used in higher-end jewelry. White and blue topaz tend to be pretty cheap and their color isn’t the best for engagement rings. The rarer, more richly hued stones like deep orange, are highly sought after.


Citrine is another lesser-known gemstone that can make an eye-catching and unique stone choice for an engagement ring. These stones range in color from yellow to red-orange and may be more or less saturated, which will dull or amplify the color. 

The paler or duller the stone, the less rare and expensive it will be, so it is the richly hued and highly saturated citrine that is most often used in high-end jewelry. These stones can be a really deep and saturated red-orange color, some approaching a deep brown.

The stone is a variety of quartz and as a result, is easily cut and polished into a luxurious and sparkly stone. It is a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, so it is hard enough to be cut into a wide range of shapes. It is also durable and highly wearable, making it a great option for an engagement ring that will be worn every day. 

While this stone is more common than some of the others we have looked at here, as earth-tone jewelry grows in popularity, so too does the value of the stone. A deeply hued stone will be less expensive than many of the other stones we reviewed (except for, perhaps, topaz), putting it in the reach of those with more modest budgets but that want something truly unique that isn’t like what most people wear. 

What Qualities Make Gemstone Rings Stand Out? 

emerald gemstone rings

There are several reasons to buy precious and semi-precious gemstone rings, such as:

  • The Glow is Always in Style

Gemstone rings provide a chic stylish look that will never go out of style. When it comes to gemstone jewelry, you simply can’t go wrong. After all, they’ve been around for centuries and they are as popular as ever. It’s a gorgeous natural stone formed over millions of years taken straight from the Earth’s crust and put into a ring! It doesn’t get more timeless than that. 

  • Adaptable Designs

If you want to express individuality, gemstone jewelry is a fantastic way to do so. First, you have the gemstone itself.  Each gemstone provides its very own unique look. 

For example, you have ruby rings that offer a breathtaking red beauty that no other stone can replicate,  and the same goes for velvety blue sapphire and vividly green emerald rings. Not to mention, all the unique semi-precious gemstones out there. Some of these gems are even rarer than the precious ones! Second, you have the design. 

There are several ways to design a gemstone ring. At Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers, all of our gemstone rings are one-of-a-kind. 

  • Gracing your Season with Elegance

A gemstone ring offers you an effortless way to be elegant. They make for the perfect graceful touch to any outfit. All you have to do is put it on your finger and you are good to go. 

  • Who Doesn’t Want a Birthstone Ring? 

Gemstone rings may also be birthstone rings. This provides a lot of meaning to why you are wearing said gemstone ring. It makes for the perfect gift!

Conclusion: Where Can I Buy Gemstone Rings in Boca Raton? 

For those who live in Boca Raton, there’s only one place you need to know if you want to buy gemstone rings (well, technically two as it’s a family business with two locations). That’s Diamonds By Raymond Lee & Raymond Lee Jewelers. 

Also, here are our two locations in Boca Raton where you can buy your gemstone rings:

We’ve been in the business of buying and selling gemstone jewelry for nearly four decades. Our wealth of knowledge over the years makes us confident to say that we remain the leading experts in gemstone jewelry here in South Florida. This allows us to source the best products. Moreover, we can share this knowledge with our customers, allowing them to make informed purchases. 

All of our gemstone jewelry is of exquisite quality. We have an extensive collection of gemstone rings, which includes both precious and semi-precious gemstones – sapphire, ruby, and emerald rings, many with accent diamonds. 

Our semi-precious gemstone rings are also diverse. They include blue topaz, opal, amethyst, aquamarine, garnet, tanzanite, pearl, alexandrite, turquoise, and much more. Also, you can find the full range of birthstone rings at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton!


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