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St. Patrick’s Day = Big Green

St. Patrick’s Day is a surprisingly huge money maker. No, not necessarily for us – we don’t typically see a huge spike in emerald sales come March, but we’ve got the selection if you’re in the market.

No, the feast day of Ireland’s patron saint isn’t that huge in the jewelry industry, but when it comes to other businesses, they’re certainly getting lucky. It should come as no surprise that the beer industry gets a big boost around March 17th, but it’s easy being green for plenty of other industries.

And we’re not even talking Ireland. This infographic from Forbes breaks down the 4.6 BILLION dollars that Americans will shell out this year. And “only” about 40% of Americans claim Irish heritage, but that’s still 7 times the population of the Emerald Isle. So, pour yourself a Guinness – you will have plenty of company – and check out the numbers behind this lucky holiday.

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