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Spotlight On: Gurhan

Spotlight On: Gurhan

Famous for his one-of-a-kind pieces featuring slices of raw diamonds and pure gold, Gurhan is one of Hollywood’s most adored jewelers. Utilizing pure, 24 karat gold, diamonds and beading, Gurhan creates incredibly unique and stunning necklaces, earrings and bracelets that flatter the woman wearing them, while also standing alone.

What makes these items so eye-catching is Gurhan’s gold. Nearly all jewelers opt for 12, 16 or 18-karat gold for their baubles, as they rely on mixed metals for strength. Gurhan bypasses those inferior compositions. Though the result is delicate, it is also more precious and more luxurious.

In the Beginning

Gurhan’s life began in Turkey in the 1950s, where he tinkered with electronics, studied mathematics and became a local celebrity at the downtown nightclubs, a few of which he later owned. Moving on to watchmaking, he fortuitously stumbled upon a sheet of pure 24 karat gold while traveling in Istanbul and decided to work with the material from that point forward.

It wasn’t until 1997 that the intrepid jeweler and tinkerer conquered the American market. With luxury department stores like Barneys welcoming his unique creations with open arms, Gurhan effortlessly attracted attention from celebrities and notable magazines like In Style, Elle and W.

Famous and Flashy

Though every piece that Gurhan makes is singular, there have been a few iconic items that set him apart from his contemporaries. The all gold wraparound “Spring Bracelet,” which somewhat resembles a high-end slinky, won the grand prize at the “Gold for the New Millennium” Design competition.

As a Sex and the City fan you are sure to recognize Gurhan. Beloved bawdy character, Samantha often sported the 24-karat pieces, including a wildly popular pearl ring.

Continually growing in popularity with the wealthy and tasteful sort, Gurhan’s one-of-a-kind accessories as well as its small run collections of rings, necklaces and bracelets are heirloom pieces that withstand style’s mercurial nature. Bold but chic, this is the jewelry you can wear for a lifetime.


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