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Social Media & The Jewelry Industry

Social Media & The Jewelry Industry

Social Media & TheJewelry Industry


It has been almost two decades since the Internet has really started taking hold on so many fronts that has literally changed our world. With the advent of technologies designed to create hyper-speed computers for household use, opportunities now exist where online shopping has become more of a normal experience for millions of people across the United States and throughout the world.

It’s fascinating to think that not too long ago, making purchases online was a real task and cumbersome to some extent, but those days are essentially over. Sure, there are glitches occasionally, however, the newest of programming has moved the whole shopping experience into the stratosphere, so to speak.

What’s more, another facet of the online buying experience is social shopping, where individuals use social sites as a means for sharing information. In a more meager format, some sites try to entice shoppers with online points that can be turned in to receive an item out of the store’s selection.

However, this is not where the main interest is directed. Online consumers are very literate and understand how to locate information from those who do the shopping or conduct reviews of products and stores. These incredibly savvy groups have managed to develop networks whereby one person shops and shares at the same time. This can be done using iPhones, and other portable electronic devices as a means for informing their “group”.

One of the most popular social formats is called Facebook Connect. This program allows a person’s friends to see immediately in a post automatically generated where they are at and any valuable shopping information. The immediacy of such knowledge has partially caused a real and viable market trend in the jewelry industry as well.

Included as options for sharing are Twitter connections along with Google sharing options. Jewelry inventory, luxury watches, rings, necklaces, and all kinds of other luxury jewelry pieces can all be accessed by friends of just one person who has utilized the social network system. This is a great advertisement tool that benefits both consumer and retailer. In fact, the benefit helps to create a healthy market environment for everyone; it’s a win-win.

A Real Time and Money Saving Option

Imagine just how much time, money for travel, and your energy can be saved by using this fast and simple concept on your own computer or cell phone. It is partially due to this raging, new technology that so many have been able to do practically all of their shopping right from home. Indeed, making purchases from their favorite comfortable spot at home or while multitasking due to busy schedules.

This phenomenon is not going away, entrepreneurs have only begun to realize its potential. Creating a market rich with willing consumers who are literate in social shopping sends clear messages to jewelry retailers and re-sellers; serve these savvy consumers with online opportunities and the jewelry business will thrive.


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