Sky and Livi Empowering Jewelry: Diamonds Made from Hair of Chemo Patients

If you’ve ever known a woman who has lost her hair from chemotherapy, you know how dramatic that loss can be. There is something exceptionally powerful about the experience and one company has a unique use for some of that hair that is lost.

SKY and LIVI is the company, and they will take a lock of hair lost from the effects of chemotherapy, and create a lab-grown diamond from it. The stone is created from the carbon signature of the hair. The diamond is then set into a piece of jewelry that can be worn by the patient as a symbol of endurance.

The founder of SKY and LIVI, Anjanette Sinesio, like many, has friends and relatives who have battled cancer and views emotional state as a huge part of the healing process. Her work involves her dealing with high end jewelry clients, and it prompted her to research the new technology.

Diamonds may be chosen in a variety of cuts including round, princess and radiant. The stones may also be made in a choice of colors. You can select from orange, yellow, red, blue or white. You will also have a choice of sizes from about 1/10th of a carat to just over 2 full carats.

To get a feel for prices we randomly selected a yellow, radiant cut stone in the 2 carat range from their website. We were quoted a price of $16,950. Of course smaller stones would be expected to be less expensive.

It is an emotional time and SKY and LIVI apparently have come up with a way to put that emotion to good use. Be sure to check out their website at for details.

What are your thoughts on the concept? Let us know!

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