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Simon G. Engagement Rings

Simon G. Engagement Rings

Simon G. Engagement Rings

Have we ever mentioned how much we love Simon G. engagement rings? Well, we know we have. But have we told you lately? We never want any of the fabulous premium designers we carry to get neglected, so please, pull up a chair while we tell you why we’ll do whatever Simon says.

Simon G. Engagement Rings

Simon G. engagement rings are our #1 choice for brides who want something that stands out in a crowd. His designs are bold, unique, and frankly unlike any other rings we’ve seen. His creativity varies from the whimsical, to the nature-inspired, to the romantic. From equestrian inspired pieces to those that look like vines cast in rose gold, Simon G. rings defy the expected in the most beautiful ways.

Every Simon G. collection is different, with each of them claiming their own inspiration and design trademarks.

Passion Collection – This line features both engagement rings and wedding bands, and better yet sets (a Simon G. specialty.) The line features a huge variety, but it all comes back to classic design. You’ll find halos and three stone settings alike, shared prong accent diamonds, tapered shanks with baguettes, and delicate pave work in a variety of colored gemstones and metals. This is classic Simon G. – bold rings for strong women with discerning taste.

Garden Collection – Garden engagement rings draw their inspiration from flora and fauna. Delicate vines instead of scrollwork embedded on a ring’s profile. A cluster of rose gold petals bursting into bloom on either side of the center stone. Laurel leaves that fan out from the ring’s focal point. Elegant butterflies encrusted in diamonds. Each ring is an enchanted garden. Several of these rings feature watermelon tourmaline, reflecting pink, green and white to match the fairy tale palette of rose and white metal.

Simon G engagement rings

Fabled Collection – Fabled rings come in engagement and wedding band separates and sets. The designs in this line all emphasize geometric patterns and playful architectural elements. Entwined shanks with diamond pave, braided shanks and Art Deco throwback details make up the rings in this gorgeous and unique style. Color is another huge focal point – whether it’s a halo of invisibly set blue sapphires or a braid of not one, not two, but three different gold alloys. Many of these rings shine especially bright in Simon’s signature rose gold, though the white and yellow offerings are just as amazing.

Mosaic Collection – Mosaic engagement rings create an impressive, striking diamond profile in a unique and budget-friendly way. Each ring uses perfectly matched, expertly set diamonds to mimic the look of one large stone. The line borrows heavily from Art Deco and revival styles, with plenty of octagonal and emerald shaped construction.


Duchess Collection – Another range of differing styles, the element that unites every piece in the Duchess line is feminine opulence. Softer lines, scrolling metalwork, and an absolute ton of accent diamonds (particularly the larger ones.) This line also uses colored gold and fancy colored diamonds to prove its point – that only the best will do for the Duchess. It also has a coordinating line of fine jewelry.

Delicate Collection – The delicate collection of engagement rings and wedding bands and fine jewelry honors its name. Every piece revolves around the traditional diamond solitaire, but adds conversation-starting accents. Whether that’s rose gold milgrain, entwined diamond pave shanks, split shanks with garters, bezel set accent diamonds, or nature inspired metal accents, every piece has its own standout feature.Simon G Engagement Rings

Caviar Collection – This line’s signature are the round diamond “caviar” sprinkled onto each setting, pendant, bracelet and earring. The styles are all totally different, ranging from contemporary to classic, and use a variety of setting techniques for the round brilliant accents. Bezel settings, pave, shared prong and channel set alike, along with different fancy colored diamonds and coordinating gold alloys, like yellow diamonds and yellow gold or pink diamonds and rose gold. Most of the rings in this line are available as a set, which is perfect for such distinct styles.

Simon Set – This line of engagement rings and wedding bands uses the patented Simon Set technique. Simon G. master jewelers lay out princess cut, round brilliant and baguette cut diamonds as far as the eye can see and securely nestle each one in precious metal. It gives every piece the look of a solid wall of diamonds and creates major statement pieces.


We love all of the collections equally, and we’re sure you’ll be able to pick your own favorite. Visit Raymond Lee Jewelers OR Diamonds by Raymond Lee to see our gorgeous Simon G. rings in person!



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