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Simon G Engagement Rings

Simon G Engagement Rings

Today we’re celebrating Wedding Wednesday with some Simon G engagement rings that will knock your socks off. We love Simon G engagement rings so much we carry these delectable goodies at both locations: Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds by Raymond Lee.

What makes Simon G engagement rings so special? The brand, founded by Simon Ghanimian (he shortened it, all the better to become a household name) along with wife Sylva has its roots in Beirut, but took off when the Armenian-born genius moved to LA.

Simon G engagement rings are instantly recognizable thanks to their unique, cutting edge and avant garde design. You won’t find even a classic solitaire without some kind of hidden twist. Every Simon G ring hides a secret treasure, in addition to the actual treasure (helloooo accent diamonds.)

We particularly like Simon G rose gold – it’s bright and pale pink, a cooler tone than some of our other designers. We also love the natural inspiration for many of Simon G engagement rings and their design elements. You’ll see lots of vine and leaf motifs, plenty of organic shapes, and intricate carvings in the metal of the settings themselves.

But again, it’s Simon G’s ability to take the classic and turn it on its ear that we love most. We’ll show off a few of our favorites so you can see for yourself.

This pear-shaped halo is a perfect example. While it would’ve been gorgeous with just the pretty pink diamond halo on the shared prong princess cut band, Simon G kicked it up a notch. It gets an embrace from gently curved outer arms of shared prong round brilliant diamonds set in 18 karat white gold. The diamonds add a total of .50 carats to this design.

Here, an infinity band of diamonds gets updated with bold, milgrain bordered edges. And no space is left untouched, with the opening of the split shanks filled with unique, kite shaped diamond accents. The setting is bold and striking, but then takes a step back to let your center diamond shine. See how the shanks just barely kiss the basket of the center diamond? It looks like the diamond is suspended in a tension setting – even though it’s subtly secured by four minimal prongs. Check it out from this angle:

So cool. And rocking .47ctw of diamonds in the setting.

Now let’s look at this perfectly matched halo wedding set At first glance it’s your picture-perfect soft square halo engagement ring, right? But look at those bands – gently tapered toward the center, they create a more fluid, flared look that makes you stare (even more than usual.) This setting adds .47ctw to the center diamond of your choice.

Time for another soft square halo. But this one isn’t familiar at all. The tapered split shanks are “belted” by rose gold and pink diamond bits on either side of the center halo. It’s a gorgeous, Equestrienne effect that we can’t get enough of. The diamonds on this beauty add .41ctw of white diamonds and .06ctw of pink diamonds.

This beauty is another one of our favorites. Slightly bowed twin shanks create the outline for this solitaire, but a string of large round brilliant diamonds create the main shank and take this ring to a special place. All those diamonds add a whopping .91ctw of round brilliants to this setting, which is available in platinum, white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold.

This double cushion halo set keeps things fresh with a popular split shank style, but keeps the opening angle very acute & cute. The result is a precise, diamond heavy focal point that nicely balances out the soft lines of the cushion shaped halos. The diamonds on this ring add up to .65ctw.

Are you into Simon G engagement rings as much as we are? Follow our Simon G board on Pinterest for even more goodness.


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