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Sell Watches in Boca Raton

Sell Watches in Boca Raton

As residents continue facing financial hardships in Florida’s slowly recovering economy, many are looking for creative ways to raise a little extra cash. One effective way residents can find a little extra money is to sell watches in Boca Raton (provided they have watches to sell, of course). Many people receive nice watches as gifts or purchase luxury watches for themselves. Like other jewelry, these watches can be sold during economic downturns, and sometimes for a princely sum.

Often when watch owners initially speak with watch buyers in Boca Raton, though, they do not know how valuable their watch is. Some are surprised that their timepiece might be worth anything, while others are saddened to hear that theirs is not worth as much as they had hoped. The following is a brief guide to help watch owners estimate their timepiece’s possible value.

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Step 1: Search for Similar Watches Being Sold

The Internet has made researching a watch’s value much easier than it used to be. Although professional watch buyers may continue to use industry price guides, the average person can find out how much his watch is selling for by searching online.

There are two main sites that people who want to assess a watch’s value should check. First, a brief search of any watch will provide a list of watches for sale online. These sites are e-commerce stores selling watches, not individuals. Therefore, they can provide a rough estimate of watch’s value.

Any online price, however, must be taken with a grain of salt. Because consumers are unable to inspect the watch before purchasing it, it is difficult to determine a used watch’s condition. Also, there are, sadly, companies selling counterfeit watches online. In some cases, only a professional could tell the difference. Thus, it is preferable to buy a watch from a reputable local store, where the watch itself can be seen and held. Nonetheless, the online prices provide consumers with a rough range of what they would pay to purchase the watch.

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Second, Ebay is a useful site to look for auctions of used watches on. When comparing the auctions on Ebay, consumers should look for sold items, not unsold merchandise. Also, it is important to remember that these are private party sales, so the prices will probably be slightly lower than a retailer would charge. Retailers must pay for overhead, insurance, salaries and other expenses, after all.

When comparing watches being sold, whether on an e-commerce site or Ebay, it is important to look for watches similar to one’s own. For instance, someone hoping to sell a Rolex in Boca Raton would want to search for Rolex watches online. It would not make sense to look at a Breitling, in this case.

The watches being compared should be made by the same manufacturer, and they should be a similar model and year. A little research into one’s specific watch will help determine if there are any factors that make one model or year much more valuable than another.

Step 2: Estimate the Watch’s Condition

Once several comparisons have been found, it is time to estimate the condition of the watch in question. Ultimately, a professional is needed to truly assess a watch’s condition, for there are marks, features and signs of wear that only a professional would notice. Watch owners, though, can make a rough estimate of their watch’s condition.

Here is a rough outline of what factors influence a watch’s condition:

Excellent: The watch was rarely worn, and all its all parts are original. A very minor scratch may be present.
Good: The watch may have been worn regularly, but it still works perfectly. The winding crown, crystal and case were well maintained. It has the original band, and the band’s clasp still works.
Average: The watch was worn often and not maintained. It will need to be checked for water resistance, and the mechanism may need work. The band will need to be replaced, and the case will need to be polished.
Acceptable: There are a number of scratches that can easily be seen. The mechanism may need to be repaired, and the crystal may be scratched. The case, if present, will need polishing, and the band will need replacing.
Step 3: Sell Watches in Boca Raton

Armed with this information, a watch owner is now prepared to go and sell the watch in Boca Raton. The watch owner should have a rough estimate of his watch’s value, but he must remember that this is only an estimate. A professional watch buyer in Boca Raton may assess the watch at a higher or lower value, and the person looking to sell the watch must respect the professional’s expertise and experience. A watch buyer with a good reputation will not rip off people who may refer or themselves be future customers.

If the watch buyer suggests a lower price than the seller had in mind, the seller at this point should have enough knowledge of his watch to discuss the assets and faults of the particular watch in question. Although he may disagree, he should be able to follow the buyer’s reasoning – and the buyer should be willing to explain how he arrived at the figure he suggested.

In these negotiations, anyone who hopes to sell a watch must keep in mind that the person he is selling a watch to is a business owner and must make a profit. None of the watch buyers in Boca Raton can afford to pay the retail prices found online. They are retailers, themselves, and must make a profit to stay in business.

Even though retailers must may a profit, residents will find that selling a watch can be the easiest and quickest way to come up with a little extra cash. Depending on the model and year, they make walk away with a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. The worst thing watch owners who need money can do is stay and home and not try to sell the watch.


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