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Best Place to Sell Used Watches for the Most Cash in Boca Raton

Best Place to Sell Used Watches for the Most Cash in Boca Raton

best place to sell my watch in boca raton

Do you want to know where is the best place to sell used watches for cash in Boca Raton? We have the definitive answer for you, plus everything you need to know about selling your pre-owned watch at the best price. This is a complete guide to selling used watches for the most cash in Boca Raton and the entire South Florida area. 

best place to sell my watch in boca raton

There are many reasons to sell your old watch for cash. The most common would be you don’t wear or like them anymore, you want a new watch, or you need money for any number of reasons. 

These are all respectable and reasonable reasons. As long as the watch is yours, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with selling it.

On the other hand, sometimes a watch has sentimental value. In this case, it can be really hard to let it go, which is very understandable. Nevertheless, hard times call for hard measures (we prefer to say “hard” over “desperate”, it just sounds better). If you really don’t want to sell your watch but you need cash, you can likely get a long term loan on it. You can read more about collateral loans here. But as the focus of this article is on selling watches for cash, we won’t discuss loans any further. 

Pawnshop vs Jewelry Store   

If you want to sell a pre-owned watch for cash, you have two easy options, a pawnshop or jewelry store. But, which is better? The simple answer is a jewelry store. However, that is only true if you are dealing with a jewelry store that specializes in watches. Typically speaking, most jewelry stores are more versed in luxury watches than pawnshops. Pawnshops buy and sell many items, so they know a little about a lot of things. Jewelry stores that sell watches focus on two things, jewelry and watches. So, they will have far more expertise in timepieces. 

All in all, you want to deal with a watch buyer that actually knows luxury watches. Why? Because you will get an accurate appraisal and your watch will be valued at what it should be. If the buyer isn’t an expert in watches and doesn’t understand the market that well, they will offer you less money just to mitigate their risk for reselling it. Experts know exactly what they can sell it for, so they will pay you a fair price. 

On top of all that, pawnshops are notorious for lowballing people. Whether it’s because they are not experts in watches and they don’t really know its value or that’s just their business model, you can’t be sure, but it’s best to not even deal with that and find a watch buyer that actually knows watches. 

What about selling my watch online?

If you want to sell your watch online, you won’t be getting cash in hand the same day. It’s a timely process. Moreover, there are high fees involved and you have to weave through all the scammers. Also, if your watch doesn’t have its original papers, just forget about it. No collector is going to buy it.

where to sell my watch for the most cash in Boca Raton

Where’s the best place to sell a watch for cash in Boca Raton?

The best place to sell a used watch for cash in Boca Raton is Diamonds By Raymond Lee or Raymond Lee Jewelers. Hands down. You will get the highest value on your old watch, with an explanation of how the value was determined, there’s no pressure, and if you accept the offer, you will have cash in hand immediately. 

Why is Raymond Lee Jewelers or Diamonds By Raymond Lee the best place to second hand sell watches for cash: 

  • We are watch experts and certified gemologists, so we will know exactly how to value your timepiece.
  • We have a Swiss-trained in-house watchmaker on premise at all times, so if your luxury watch has an issue, it’s very likely we will still buy it. 
  • Our offers are the highest in the business, so we guarantee you’ll be receiving the best price for your pre-owned watch. Besides knowing what watches are worth to the T, we have no middleman, we buy then we sell right here at our state-of-the-art showroom, which is why we can give you the most cash for your watch. We take pride in offering the most cash for used watches.
  • We are a family-owned store that’s been in business for over three decades, our reputation and knowledge of the market is unrivaled. 
  • Our buying process is super smooth, quick, confidential and pressure-free. Moreover, our staff is attentive and friendly. We create an intimate, simple, enjoyable experience for each and every client that walks through our doors.
  • You will be paid cash in hand on the spot and no appointments are necessary. 

All in all, Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds By Raymond Lee is the best place to sell your used watches for cash. There’s no need to book an appointment, you can just come right in, get your watch evaluated, then if you accept the offer, we pay cash immediately. If you don’t accept the offer, that is completely fine, we will never use pressure tactics to try to get you to sell. You won’t find a better price for your used watch and a better experience anywhere else in South Florida than Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton.

watch buyers boca raton

What watches do we buy?

Here’s a list of watch brands that we are most interested in at Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds By Raymond Lee:

A. Lange & Sohne, Audemars Piquet, Blancpain, Breitling, Breguet, Bvlgari, Bell & Ross, Cartier, Chaumet, Chopard, Chronoswiss, Corum, De Grisogono, Ebel, Dubey & Schaldenbrand, Franck Muller, Gerald Genta, Gevril, Girard Perregaux, Glashutte, Harry Winston, Hublot, IWC (International Watch Company), Jacob & Co., Jaeger Le-Coultre, Omega, Panerai, Parmigiani, Patek Philippe, Piaget, Roger Dubuis, Rolex, Richard Mille, Tudor, TAG Heuer, Ulyss, Nardin, Van Cleef & Arpels, Vacheron Constantin, Zenith.

We buy pretty much any high-end Swiss made watch brand. However, we pay premiums for good condition Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Cartier, and Richard Mille watches, and even more for highly coveted references. 

Rolex, AP, PP, and Omega tend to have the highest resale value. However, generally speaking, Rolex watches blow every other brand out of the water when it comes to resale value. This is because they have the highest demand.

Whether your watch is vintage, antique or contemporary, bring it in and get it appraised so you can see what we will offer you. You could very well be sitting on a hefty sum of cash!

How do I find out how much my watch is worth?

If you want to get an idea of what your watch is worth at home, right now, you can check online marketplaces like Chrono24 and eBay to see what your watch is selling for. That being said, there are a lot of factors that play into the value of your watch, both positively and negatively, so use this as a ballpark figure. 

If you want to find out exactly what your watch’s resale value is then you have to take it to a watch expert like Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers. We will appraise your watch for free and let you know how much it is worth. Furthermore, we will clearly explain why it is worth that much. 

What affects the value of your watch?

Here are the factors that we look at to determine the amount we will pay you for your watch:

  • Brand 
  • Reference number (model)
  • Limited production numbers
  • Manufacturer-made movements (replacements or repairs lower the value)
  • Original parts (again, replacements or repairs lower the value)
  • Material (is it made from stainless steel, gold, or platinum? note: some steel models are worth more than their gold counterparts simply because of demand). 
  • High-quality jewels and stones
  • Age & history of the watch
  • Condition of case, bracelet, band, clasp, bezel, and so on. 
  • Original watch box and paperwork.
  • Market demand (models that are high coveted will land you a premium)
Can you sell a Rolex or any Swiss watch without papers?

Yes, you absolutely can still sell your watch to us if you don’t have its original papers or box. We are watch experts so we will not have any problem appraising a watch without papers. We know how to spot a fake quickly and easily too.

The only issue that comes from not having the watch’s papers is the resale value will be lower as most people want to buy a high-end watch with official paperwork from the brand. If you don’t have your watch’s papers, you’d have a ton of trouble trying to sell it directly to a watch collector. Since our customer’s trust us, we are confident that we can resell your watch after buying it from you. So, we have no issue with buying a watch without its papers.

All in all, the original box and papers makes everyone’s life easier when it comes to buying and selling, and it gives the watch more value, but it is not a factor that will stop us from buying it. 

where to sell my old watch


Here is our simple, step-by-step process for buying used watches…

Step 1: Come into our showroom with your watch and meet with our expert watch appraiser. 

“Do I need to make an appointment to sell my watch?” No! You can if you want, but it is not necessary. Our watch appraiser is on staff at all times. 

Step 2: Have your watch appraised in our private office. The evaluation of your watch is done right in front of you so your watch will never leave your sight. Moreover, you can ask any questions about the value of your watch. We give direct and honest answers. 

At this point, we will make you an offer and explain exactly how we came to that valuation. 

Step 3: Accept or decline the offer. 

If you decline the offer or you need time to think about it, that is perfectly fine. We never use pressure tactics to try to get you to sell. Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers provide a completely pressure-free environment. Moreover, the evaluation is entirely free. So if you don’t accept, you won’t be charged anything. You have nothing to lose.

If you accept the offer, we will create a transactional receipt and pay you cash in hand right then and there. You can also request a check, which can be cashed at your convenience. 

Step 4: Spend your cash as you wish!

If you want a new watch, we will give you a great deal on one of our watches. We have the largest collection of Rolex watches in South Florida and a very extensive selection of various other Swiss watch brands like Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Cartier, Omega, and much more. 

“Can I sell my used watch online?”

We can also facilitate this process completely online. Our online watch buying process is 100% safe and secure. Please contact us if you want to learn more or your are ready to get started.

If you have any questions about our watch buyer’s process, please feel free to contact us or come into our showroom in Boca Raton.

what does diamonds by raymond lee buy

Cash for Pre-owned Watches in Boca Raton

Here are our two Boca Raton locations that you can visit anytime we are open to sell your used watch.

Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton
Location: 2801 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33431
Hours: Monday-Friday  10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday Closed.
Phone: (561) 623-8205
Email: info@diamondsbyraymondlee.com

Raymond Lee Jewelers 
Address: 22191 Powerline Road #12b  – Boca Raton, FL 33433
Office Hours: 10AM-6PM Monday to Friday; 10AM – 5PM Saturday; Closed Sunday.
Phone Number: 561-750-7808

what does raymond lee jewelers buy


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