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Rolex Datejust Diamond Watch: White Mother Of Pearl

Rolex Datejust Diamond Watch: White Mother Of Pearl

Rolex Datejust Diamond watch

The Rolex Datejust Diamond watch has been the archetypal Rolex watch for over 74years now. What makes this watch unique is its availability for both men and women. It fits both genders without any difference and brings a much-desired beauty. Its different design variations and materials gave the diamond watch an iconic look. The look is recognizable. If you are familiar with Rolex brands you would understand the system. Particular names are used to describe various aspects of its watches and designs. Over the years, the Rolex Datejust Diamond watch has served different individuals. Making their satisfaction its priority. Here are some of the characteristics of the Rolex Datejust Diamond watch that makes it stand out.

  • Quick Setting: This means that from the time, you can set the date independently. 
  • Hacking: You can also refer to it as stop-seconds.  It means once the winding crown pulls out for precise time setting, the second hand comes to a complete stop.

Instantaneous Date Mechanism: The date switches to the next date at midnight. Other than slowing over the course of a few hours, it is swift.

  • Cyclops: There is a bubble-like lens that protrudes from the crystal above the date window to magnify it. We call it Cyclops.

Rolex introduced the Datejust to celebrate its 40th anniversary in 1945. The Datejust made a significant history.  It is the first automatic chronometer wristwatch to display the date via a window. It brought together two other designs from the Rolex family. They are, oyster case and the Perpetual movement—and combined with signs. The datejust also made the jubilee bracelet popular.

The Rolex Datejust Mother Of Pearls Diamond Watch

Rolex watches are more than simply ordinary timepieces with the Rolex logo printed on them. You are not only paying for a name; you are paying for a brand. The brand handles everything. From the development of their exquisite movements to their patented inventions. The diamonds are all hand-selected before being put into the brand’s gold or platinum alloys. They are among the most expensive elements utilized in the actual creation of a Rolex. The machinery used to make a Rolex Datejust Diamond watch is expensive. We are talking about massive specialized machines, electron microscopes, and gas spectrometers.

A Rolex watch is a huge investment. Before making such a major purchase, many customers study the Rolex Datejust Diamond. What diamonds does Rolex use to manufacture the Rolex Datejust white mother of pearl diamond? This is one of the most asked questions. The diamonds contribute to the watch’s appearance as well as its worth. Rolex only used the best melee diamonds to create the Rolex Datejust Diamond watch. Only diamonds with a clarity of at least IF and a color of between D and G were used in this project. Only the four highest color grades are included in these requirements. Each diamond that goes into a watch is sourced and tested. After which its examination is done by their gemologists to confirm its authenticity.

What Does The Price Say?

It is no news that Rolex provides nothing but quality, so is the case of the Rolex Datejust Diamond watch. From start to completion, creating a new piece of a Rolex watch takes roughly a year. The entire procedure is carried out in-house. Some steps of the production process are done by hand, while others have the machine to create or finish them. A Rolex Datejust Diamond watch is designed in every detail. The company has gone to great lengths to discover which parts in the process are best done by people. and those steps have been left exactly as they were 50 years ago. The precision of Rolex watches is one major reason why the prices might seem a little expensive.

One reason the Rolex Datejust Diamond watch is higher in price is the materials used. They are top-notch and expensive. Let us not forget that Rolex watches are made of 904, one that is not usually used by many others. Rolex chose to settle for this material despite the fact they are more difficult to work with because;

  • 904L steel is corrosion and rust resistant better than any other steel
  • It is very durable due to its hardness.
  • The 904L steel holds and takes polish better than any other steel. 

In addition to its dress watch line, Rolex is a major manufacturer of dive watches. Each Rolex dive watch is first put through an air pressure test, which is the industry standard for diving watches. Rolex, on the other hand, takes a step further. Following the air pressure test, each diving watch is individually immersed in water to confirm water resistance to 300 meters. Amazing!

Why Purchase of The Rolex Is Continuous 

The diamonds in the Rolex Datejust Diamond watch watch are set by the company’s own jewelry experts. Each diamond is handpicked and set to make this watch the best. Custom settings are available on many of Rolex’s most unique watches, ensuring that no two are alike. Regarding this, you are rest assured that your Rolex Datejust Diamond watch is like no other. 

Rolex watches are thousands of dollars more expensive than other high-end watch brands. Despite this, Rolexes continue to sell well year after year. Many people aspire to acquire a Rolex because of its beauty, uniqueness, and prestige. One thing is certain: if you buy a Rolex, it will be the last watch you will ever need.

Why You Should Get a Rolex Datejust White Mother of Pearl Diamond Watch

The Rolex Datejust Diamond watch provides a very flamboyant appearance. It may seem as an upgrade to the former designs that Rolex has produced so far. This watch brings out a lavish look that will one way or the other call attention to you. The Rolex Datejust Diamond watch exhibits the following traits:

  • Durability
  • Comfortability
  • Portability 
  • Automation
  • Simplicity

Most people would love a watch that considers every outfit’s expression. Giving it a sparkling look that predicts ownership. Not all watches would have these traits. It is not a surprise that the Rolex Datejust Diamond watch satisfies your every desire. This watch gives space for an expression of your style. The pearl made with the diamond is an extraordinary piece for a complete show of elegance and beauty. Asides these, read further to find out more of what the Rolex Datejust Diamond watch is capable of. They are;

It Has The Ability To Wind Itself.

The DateJust has an automatic winding movement that is powered by motion, specifically the movement of the watch on the wrist or in a winder.

While it is true that the whole Rolex line of watches is now automatic, this was not always the case.

The Oyster Perpetual was the brand’s first automatic watch, released in 1930. It was based on the design of an English watchmaker named John Harwood. Harwood’s timepieces, like today’s watches, had an imbalanced rotor.

The rotor could only turn 200 degrees rather than complete a full cycle. Today, this is referred to as a ‘bumper’ movement. In this recent time, the Rolex Datejust Diamond watch is here to show better traits. Over the years, the rotor slammed into the pin that damaged bumper motions.

Rolex’s design went even further by eliminating the need for bumpers. This allowed the rotor to swing freely. The Rolex Datejust Diamond watch has always been an automatic watch, dating back to the original specimens.  You can determine whether a Rolex is automatic or not.  Find the word perpetual somewhere on the dial. 

It Is Available in A Variety Of Colors, Styles, And Sizes.

When it comes to Rolex, there is no need to be concerned about alternatives. There are varieties of methods to personalize your Rolex Datejust Diamond watch. If you are buying something fresh, you will have the most options. The Rolex Datejust Diamond watch is now available in four sizes (31mm, 34mm, 36mm, and 41mm). each with two to seven case material variations, two styles of bezel, and two types of bracelet. This is before you get to the dial! Each case size offers a variety of dial colors to pick from. Ranging from cream to black. If that is not enough, diamond markers can be requested in place of the standard markings. Also, From casual to other dressing types, your satisfaction is well covered. 

It Is Water Resistant

What if I told you that the Rolex Datejust Diamond watch is also water resistant? Yes it is! Moreover, any watch these days should be water resistant.  Not only is the Rolex datejust white mother of pearl diamond water resistant, other Datejust products have been for a very long time. Rolex has been creating water resistant wrist watches since 1926, and it was the first manufacturer to do so. The Oyster was worn around the neck of Mercedes Gleitze, the first British woman to swim across the English Channel, to demonstrate its ability to withstand water. Mercedes is still used in Rolex advertising nowadays. This proves its water resistant ability at its peak. 

It’s Been Around For a Long Time

Are you on the lookout for a vintage Rolex? You might think of the Submariner as the traditional Rolex watches, and you’d be right in some cases.

When the term “Rolex” is used, the words “classical,” “understated,” and “elegant” come to mind. These are all wonderful descriptions for Datejust, which is unsurprising.

It’s the quintessential “smart/casual” watch, in the sense that it’s the first watch that comes to mind when I need something that looks well beneath the cuff of a dress shirt and blazer as well as when I want to relax at home with a bottle of beer on a Sunday.

It is suitable for all purposes, but if you have a certain lifestyle, the watch can be customized to fit your needs. Do you want to do something a little more active? It is available on the Oyster bracelet. Do you want something that has a mystical gleam to it?

You are set if you get one with an Everose fluted bezel. Although the Rolex Datejust Diamond watch is not the oldest line in the Rolex catalog, it is unquestionably very important.

It Goes With Everything.

So, what’s the conclusion? The Rolex Datejust is a watch that goes with everything. The Datejust is durable and ready for daily life, and can also be readily matched to your lifestyle and outfit, which is a significant feature of this list. It is also adaptive because it’s versatile. Do you want to shake things up a little or have an important meeting coming up?  Think Rolex Datejust Diamond watch.

So Is The Purchase Of The Rolex Datejust Diamond Watch Worth It?

Here is the deal: vintage Rolex Datejust Diamond watches have already established themselves as a classic. They may not command the same high auction prices as some of their contemporaries, but they are nonetheless immediately identifiable. Modern Datejusts are more than just a throwback to previous models. The Datejust line has been in production since the beginning, and the current Datejust lineup is the result of decades of development. With their cutting-edge design and architecture, they have also simply revised the movements inside the newest models. That is not to say that a used Datejust is not still usable. When with all classics, they will only get better and more distinct with age, and it will get simpler to tell them apart as the designs change gradually. Wear a Rolex Datejust Diamond watch and check out its worth.


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