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Rider Strong Engaged – Shawn Hunter is Officially Off the Market

Rider Strong Engaged – Shawn Hunter is Officially Off the Market

Rider Strong Proposes!

The titular “boy” in “Boy Meets World” always had his heart set on Topanga Lawrence. This was fine with many fans because Shawn Hunter was the bad boy who interested teen girls every Friday. You may have fallen in love with the rebellious youngster, but Rider Strong gave his girlfriend Alexandra Barreto plenty of reasons to be charmed by him instead of his character.

Rider has not had a success as huge as the TGIF fan favorite, but he has worked consistently in the entertainment industry since the show ended. He still acts and has written and directed award-winning short films. This talented man took on a new challenge when he decided to craft an engagement ring.

Instead of passing down a ring, Strong’s father started a new tradition as he made his wife’s ring. Like Dad before him, Strong studied with a jeweler near his LA home and set up a studio in secret so he could surprise his intended. Rider carved a wax ring and cast it in white gold. The finished result is a lovely, elegant piece that showcases three diamonds between two winding bands.

This simple ring is unique and intriguing, but the star has no career plans in the jewelry industry. Strong only needed to make one ring to dazzle his girlfriend, and he paired it with a romantic proposal. He took Barreto to his childhood home in Northern California on December 23 and proposed underneath towering redwoods during a walk. While the star did not plan on the pouring rain the couple encountered , his ring and proposal got the desired response.

The newly engaged couple have known each other since 2006 when they both worked on “Pepper Dennis.” Shawn Hunter is a treasured TV character, but Barreto is probably happy with her thoughtful, artistic fiancee.

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