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Recognise Rare Diamonds in New York – Guest Post by Rajesh S. Ullal

Recognise Rare Diamonds in New York

Diamonds have two superlative titles to their name. They are not only the hardest substance known to man, but also the most precious of all gems. Their value is due to two facts, one because of their incredible beauty and second because of their rarity. One can find these rare diamonds in New York, but only if they know where to look.

Among all the types of diamonds, probably the rarest of them all is the Pink Diamond. It is found almost solely in the Argyle mines of East Kimberley region in the remote north of Western Australia, besides inconsiderable deposits in a few other places. Their rarity makes them highly valuable, since even out of the diamonds found in the Argyle mines only about 0.1 % can be classified as pink.

During the last two decades, pink diamonds have acquired a legendary status. In the Christie’s auction of rare diamonds in New York, a mere 3.14 carat Argyle Pink Diamond was sold for $1,510,000. In fact Argyle claims to have sold its famous pink diamonds for as much as $1 million a carat.

The pink diamond has been hailed as the phenomenon which dethroned the white diamond from its perch as the most beautiful gemstone. The beauty of diamonds from the Argyle mine surpasses that of pink diamonds found in the mines of India, Brazil and Africa. The other stones are much paler when compared to the intense shades of the Argyle diamond.

Although their name suggests only pink, they are actually found in various shades which range from light pastel to raspberry and even full-blooded purplish red. The shade and intensity of colour play a major role in determining the price per carat. These pink diamonds are cut at the Argyle head office in Perth and given a wide range of shapes to enhance their beauty and reflective abilities. You can find cuts which are round, marquise, oval and pear. They are available in all commercial sizes.

Only once in a year does Argyle issue a release of its most fascinating jewels which are then sold in special auctions which can be attended only through invites. We can find some of these rare diamonds in New York, where they reach after changing hands several times.

Besides the pink diamonds, white diamonds are an all-time favourite. They are highly valuable even though they are found in mines all over the world. Particularly brilliant white diamonds are also found in the Argyle mines. Somewhere between the white and the pink diamonds, there is a category which is known to have pink as its secondary colour. It is a very interesting phenomenon to watch a white diamond display faint to bold flashes of pink shades when viewed from certain angles.

While white diamonds are valued for their lack of colour and for their clarity, coloured diamonds are valued for the exact opposite. A category of diamonds known as the Champagne diamonds is found in a dramatic variety of colours. Among them the cognac diamond is considered the most precious and graded as a ‘C7’ on the colour scale. The others are classified as C1 and C2 for light champagne, C3 and C4 for medium champagne, and C5 and C6 for dark champagne. The champagne diamonds with Pink as their secondary colour are a category of their own known as pink champagne diamonds. This is again due to the rare nature of the pink colour in diamonds.

Besides the ones discussed here, you can also find yellow, blue and green diamonds which are found in various shades and in varying degrees of rarity. All of them are a great investment for the future and look lovely, set in a necklace, bracelet or ring. Most of the rare diamonds in New York are not very easy to locate, therefore it would be better that you spend some time doing a little online research about the sellers.

Author Box: From Rajesh S. Ullal: Most of the rare diamonds in New York are not very easy to locate, therefore it would be better that you spend some time doing a little online research about the sellers.

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