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Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer I 214270 Stainless Steel Mens Watch

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Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer I 214270 Stainless Steel Mens Watch

 Company Rolex
 Model Explorer
Model # 21470
 Case Material Stainless Steel
 Case Diameter 39mm
 Bezel Stainless Steel
 Bracelet Stainless Steel
 Dial Black Dial
 Movement Automatic
Measurements Will fit a Wrist Size of 6''
 Box and Papers This item comes complete with Raymond Lee Jewelers Presentation Box and Warranty Card
We are proud to say that Raymond Lee Jewelers has one of the largest collections of luxury Rolex watches in South Florida. We have many showcases that exhibit the brilliance and craftsmanship of the Rolex brand. This Rolex Oyster perpetual Explorer I 214270 stainless steel mens watch is one such example. The watch’s case measures 35 mm in diameter. The case, bezel, and bracelet are all composed of resilient stainless steel. The dial is black and the case contains an automatic movement so all you have to do is shake your wrist for the movement to keep running. The band will fit a six inch wrist. One of the marvelous things about Rolex is that many of the watches have a rich history associated with them. They have either reached the tallest peak in the world, sunk to the lowest depths of ocean, or simply flown across the globe, providing help to aviators. The Explorer model is no exception to this adventure title given to Rolex watches. The Explorer was developed for adventurers who needed a simple, yet resilient watch when wandering through rough terrains. The Explorer was part of the famous Mount Everest expedition, making it the first watch to reach the summit. While this may not sound impressive, consider the fact that temperatures at the peak of Mount Everest can drop to several degrees below 0. This means that the tiny little parts inside the case must not freeze and keep running. The Rolex Explorer was capable of accomplishing this task.      

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