22191 Powerline Road #12b, Boca Raton, FL 33433

Tiffany & Co.

Raymond Lee Jewelers of Boca Raton, FL offers a wide variety of luxury timepieces from Tiffany & Co. Founded in 1983, the business continues to offer only the best service and values for its watches. Tiffany & Co. was founded in 1837 in New York City. The American corporation is well known throughout the world for its expensive, luxury, and well-recognized products. Tiffany manufactures and sells jewelry, watches, crystal, stationary, fragrances, accessories, as well as certain leather goods.

Tiffany has several designers that produce a variety of beautiful collections. These designers include Frank Gehry (whose collections include Axis, Equus, Fish, Flux, Orchid, Torque, and Tube), Elsa Peretti (whose collections include Bean, Diamonds by the Yard, Open Heart, Sevillana, and Teardrop), Paloma Picasso (whose collections include Loving Heart and Sugar Stacks), Jean Schlumberger, and Richard Lambertson and John Treux. The company operates 64 locations around the US as well as several others around the globe.

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