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Bvlgari is a world-recognized luxury watch and jewelry brand that has been operating its enterprise from Rome since 1884. The product line of the global brand includes a wide range of luxury goods from handbags and silk accessories to perfumes, watches, and jewelry. From the start, Bvlgari designer jewelry has been a symbol of utmost luxury. The brand incorporates valuable and cutting-edge materials and transforms them into superior quality jewelry pieces. Bvlgari’s many jewelry collections reflect a style and design philosophy that is glamorous and enduring.

A Glimpse at a Long History

The third biggest jewelry maker in the world, Bvlgari was established by Greek jeweler Sotirios Voulgaris who altered his family name to come up with the name of his business, spelling the “u” sound with the traditional Latin “v” to form Bvlgari. The empire now consists of more than 40 individual companies and is present in 24 nations, employing around 4,000 people worldwide.

Voulgaris began a career in jewelry making in his native village of Kalarites and his first store there still stands to this day. In 1877, Voulgaris left his hometown and lived in different cities before finally moving to Rome in 1881. He started his company in Rome in 1884, opening a store in Via Sistina. In 1905, the flagship Bvlgari store in Via Condotti opened and it was quickly embraced by the elite. Voulgaris had to enlist the help of his sons, Constantino and Giorgio, to run the store as it became very popular for its extraordinary jewelry designs that displayed both Greek and Roman art.

Timeless Appeals

From the glamorous screen sirens of 1960’s Italian cinema to the celebrities of today who walk the red carpets of prestigious events, Bvlgari admirers include some of the most famous figures in the world. Bvlgari jewelry has been worn and remains a favorite among the rich and famous from A-list actresses and supermodels to socialites as well as royalty and other prominent members of society, who are all captivated by the superior appeal of Bvlgari jewels that reflects their own.

Starting with Sotirio Voulgaris’ earliest creations, Bvlgari jewelry has always had confident and arresting designs. There are some themes and motifs that appear repeatedly throughout various collections such as the Roman coins, tubogas chains, snake designs, Roman pavements and, of course, the eponymous company logo. These are the iconic elements of Bvlgari designs, which have helped define the distinct look and feel of Bvlgari jewelry and tell the story of this illustrious brand.

Excellent Jewelry Making

Bvlgari designer jewelry is so unique and stylish that its popularity, unfortunately, have led to countless imitations and counterfeit products. Technology may help frauds quickly produce imitations but those will never come close to real Bvlgari jewelry whose designs are part of a tradition of quality that has been perfected for more than a century. Bold and classic with old world charm and contemporary influences, Bvlgari jewelry creations are not like any other. Each jewelry piece combines handpicked materials with brilliant designs and impeccable technical skills.

When it comes to making jewelry, perfect pieces are the result of carefully chosen materials, outstanding design, and masterful craftsmanship. From the start of a concept to the end of the creation process, there are various nuances in technique and levels of precision required. Hence, the making of Bvlgari jewelry is a fusion of spirit and skill, a process that the company has been holding on to for 130 years.

Gem and Materials Selection

Many of Bvlgari’s most remarkable pieces use exquisite gemstones as the center of attention. In its own Gemological Center, Bvlgari’s gem experts employ the highest standards in the industry to evaluate colored gems and diamonds. A gem report is provided for every product in Bvlgari’s High Jewelry line. Colored precious stones come with Gubelin certification while every diamond is certified by the Gemological Institute of America.

In the use of materials, it is common for Bvlgari designers to draw inspiration from raw resources. Rare materials, whether it’s something unique or new, have always been a source of inspiration right from the very start of the creative process. Bvlgari jewelry incorporates a wide range of materials that ranges from stainless steel or ceramic to dazzling diamonds and one-of-a-kind colored gemstones.

Style and Innovations

As one of the top jewelers in the world, Bvlgari is known for many innovative efforts.
Among Bvlgari’s first innovations in the world of jewelry is the use of yellow gold as the metal setting for precious stones and he also pioneered the use of cabochon cut semiprecious stones in fine jewelry in order to achieve a specific play with color. He is noted for unusual combinations of materials and using materials not typically incorporated in fine jewelry like white porcelain or stainless steel.

One of the primary qualities that set Bvlgari jewelry apart is the strong influence of objects and motifs found in ancient Greece. Generally, Bvlgari jewels have a proportion and symmetry that are more artistic and architectural rather than nature-inspired, a characteristic that made Bvlgari jewelry different from the creations of French master jewelers and is now identified as the brand’s distinct style. Needless to say, the style of Bvlgari jewelry is not meant for the modest with its Greco-Roman flair, large precious stones and big and bold designs that balance old-world motifs with modernity.

The Finest Collections

Past and current collections of Bvlgari jewelry offer stunning and glamorous rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for different occasions as well as pendants and cuff links. The current
B.ZERO1 collection feature gleaming circular pieces in yellow, white, and pink gold. Some pieces combine the beauty of gold with steel, colored gemstones, ceramic and marble.

Meanwhile, the new Diva Collection draws inspiration from the world’s loveliest celebrities who proudly wore Bvlgari jewels whether onscreen, on the red carpets or out of the limelight. This collection pays tribute to feminine grace and beauty with pieces like 18K gold necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that feature sparkling pave diamonds combined with mother of pearl, amethysts, peridots, and rubellites.

These are just a few of the stunning collections of Bvlgari jewelry and Raymond Lee Jewelers offers some of this legendary brand’s fine pieces from their classic to the modern creations, all authentic jewelry at great prices.

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