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Tsavorite is a type of green garnet which, just like other similar green gems like emerald or green tourmaline, owes it sparkling green hue to the presence of chromium and vanadium. What is striking about the Tsavorite stone is the intensity of its color as well as its purity, especially in relatively small sizes. Hence, it is said to be in tough competition with the more expensive emerald. Tsavorite actually is superior, gemologically-speaking, to emerald as it not as common, more durable and more radiant.

With all these qualities, it’s no surprise that it has captured the attention of jewelry connoisseurs, celebrities and many consumers. Its mere rarity is enough to pique the interest of jewelry lovers. Also, because it is not widely available, Tsavorite jewelry will become more valuable in the future. So, it’s perfect as a family heirloom or simply as an extraordinary piece to add your jewelry collection.

Tsavorite Mineral

Tsavorite has been mined along the border of Tanzania and Kenya since the 1970s in Tsavo National Park, after which the gemstone was named. Until now, Tsavorite is primarily sourced from Kenya although some are found in other areas. Tsavorite, similar to other types of garnets, is typically untreated. Its fresh color, which can range from bright green with yellow tinges to deep green and bluish-green, is entirely natural and this is one major reason why Tsavorite jewelry is highly-prized.

About 85 per cent of all Tsavorites that are mined is no more than one carat, so any piece of Tsavorite that are larger than that is incredibly rare and, therefore, more valuable. Rare, large crystals of Tsavorite usually have visible inclusions. As many gem cutters lean towards keeping the size of the stone instead of achieving clarity, there’s a shortage of large and clear Tsavorite stones on the market.

Nonetheless, the typical Tsavorite jewelry sold is stunningly clear and have few inclusions, since explosives are not used in Tsavorite mining. Tsavorite also offers unmatched color intensity and distribution. As with other colored gems, a Tsavorite with more saturation and vividness will fetch a higher price. The most desirable tone of Tsavorite is medium to slightly dark green or blue green. According to gemological experts, any similar green garnet types with very light tone or saturation should not be classified as Tsavorite.

Tsavorite Jewelry
The beautiful range of colors that Tsavorite offers make it an attractive material to use in jewelry. You can find Tsavorite jewelry with spring green color or a rich bluish green or forest green shade that are all quite stimulating to the sight. Tsavorite jewelry is also valuable because of the stone’s exceptional brilliance. Customers simply love how these pieces are wonderfully sparkly and this is due to Tsavorite’s high refractive quality. Also, thanks to the radiance of this stone, Tsavorite can be perfectly paired with diamonds and other gemstones such as amethysts and rubies to create classic or trendy jewelry pieces.
In addition, Tsavorites do not require treatments such as oiling or heating that are usually done on other types of gemstones. Tsavorite jewelry, therefore, features an unadulterated piece of nature. Tsavorite is also prized for its strength with a hardness rating on the Mohs scale of about 7.5, which is close to the hardness of emerald but Tsavorite is clearly less delicate. This quality makes it very suitable to be used in jewelry because it can be set in any metal and fashioned to practically any jewelry design. For instance, an invisible setting which cannot be done with the more sensitive emerald is suitable for Tsavorite because the stones can be positioned close to each other without the risk of damage. Tsavorite jewelry can also be worn virtually at any time as the stone will not easily splinter or crack with hasty gestures.
Tsavorite Jewelry Care

Tsavorite is a very durable stone, even more so than emerald, so you can wear it with less worry about getting it damaged. However, it still needs proper care and handling like any other gem.
For instance, you should be careful not to expose your Tsavorite jewelry to drastic temperature changes because the stone can become fractured. The ideal way to clean Tsavorite is to use warm water with mild liquid soap and a soft toothbrush. It is generally safe to use an ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning Tsavorite jewelry but never use a steam cleaner like the ones used for cleaning diamonds in most jeweler stores.
Wearing Tsavorite Jewelry
While emerald is harder than Tsavorite, the latter is tougher and less prone to fracturing than emerald. Tsavorite jewelry is, therefore, more ideal for daily wear. Our beautiful pieces of Tsavorite jewelry will make you want to wear these pieces day in and day out. Tsavorite jewelry will complement various colors from any season. Wear a pair of Tsavorite and diamond earrings for a winning accessory to an evening ensemble. Multi-gem jewelry that mixes the deep green Tsavorite with saturated stones like rubies and sapphires will certainly grab attention. Wear these pieces with either casual or dressy attires.
Gold and Tsavorite jewelry pieces are quite unique and they will sparkle marvelously when worn with a simple beige or cream top or dress. Tsavorite stones on a gold chain evoke the lushness of spring in one piece of jewelry and will look fetching on tan skin. You can pair this piece with simple pearl stud earrings or over a crisp, white shirt. Combined with yellow gold, Tsavorite looks very exotic and fancy. Wear Tsavorite gold hoop earrings with a black dress or matching green satin gown and be prepared to receive plenty of compliments.
Shop for Tsavorite Jewelry
There’s something quite extraordinary about this newcomer gemstone with a rich history. With its pure and vivid green color, wonderful brilliance and excellent wearing qualities combined with our reasonable prices, Tsavorite jewelry is certainly one of the most desirable pieces in our entire gemstone jewelry collection. Discover the beauty of Tsavorite jewelry when you browse our collection. Shop our online store or visit our beautiful Boca Raton showroom.

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