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Prasiolite jewelry is well-liked for its unique charm, superior brilliance and fantastic design. Most pieces display prohibitive price tags, but if you are lucky enough you could actually find new and pre-owned masterpieces in your price range.
Discover the Unique Meaning and History of Prasiolite Jewelry
Prasiolite is actually nothing else than a green amethyst. Throughout time, it has gained a plentitude of more or less hidden meanings, due to its greenish hue and its radiance. For instance, it is still considered a symbol of prosperity and good luck. Its presence in a particular environment is expected to attract abundance and lead to a much-appreciated financial balance.
Moreover, prasiolite jewelry is also incredibly popular due to its more or less realistic promised health benefits. This stone can allegedly heal the body from a spiritual perspective, can facilitate the elimination of harmful toxins, accelerate the absorption of nutrients, boost the wearers’ courage, self-esteem levels and enhance their originality.
Unfortunately, you will not find this insanely attractive gem in the structure of antique jewels. This green variety of premium quartz can seldom be found in nature, and only in extremely small amounts. Most models are artificially created and improved, by treating different types of amethysts and exposing them to a source of heat. The only relevant source of natural prasiolite stones discovered up until now is in Brazil. It was initially discovered in the early 50s. This gem is known on a large scale as green quartz, Vermarine or green amethyst.
Quartz was used in the tool-making industry for millions of years, due to its incredible durability and resistance. The oldest quartz-based primitive tools were manufactured 2.5 million years ago. This translucent gem is actually pretty inexpensive, despite the fact that it is quite rare. It is widely available in different shades of green and yellowish green.
Due to its hues, prasiolite can be easily mistaken with its far more expensive counterparts, like tourmaline, green beryl or peridot. To avoid misguided decisions or scams, it is advisable to buy your favorite prasiolite jewelry from a respectable provider, like Raymond Lee Jewelers, for instance. This is the safest way to buy top-rated new or pre-owned accessories without taking any chances.
Buy New and Used Prasiolite Jewelry
Prasiolite is a beautiful, manmade stone obtained by heat treating amethysts or yellowish quartz. This stone is often utilized to decorate rings, necklaces and bracelets. Since it has such an amazing color that is easy to mix and match, prasiolite is often combined with quartz, peridot, amethysts, opals or onyx.
Raymond Lee Jewelers gives you the chance to shine bright in any given set of circumstances. You just have to opt for a simple, elegant outfit and spot the prasiolite jewelry that takes it to the next level. There are different models, shapes, sizes and colors to choose from. Numerous designers and top-rated companies, including David Yurman, have relied on this type of stone to create exquisite embellishments.
The fantastic David Yurman Prasiolite 16x12mm Wheaton Ring represents a real bargain and a must-have that should be kept in the jewelry box by any fashionista and worn with great pride on special occasions.
If you’d rather go in favor of a much more sophisticated candidate carrying a heavier price tag, take a closer look at the superb Platinum Diamond and Prasiolite Cocktail Ring, encrusted with real diamonds and prasiolite stones mounted on platinum. What more could you actually ask from a fine piece of jewelry? It looks amazing, it displays ingenious design features and it is made using premium materials that add value to this masterpiece and turn it into a smart long-term investment.
Choosing the Right Prasiolite Jewelry Element from Raymond Lee Jewelers
The best prasiolite jewelry elements commercialized by Raymond Lee Jewelers reflect an attractive price-quality relationship, superior craftsmanship, excellent materials, innovative manufacturing technology, fantastic design and inspiring colors.
Select the best jewels based on their price, features and styles. Most importantly, get your hands on timelessly elegant pieces that could be worn by more than one generation of connoisseurs. Keep in mind that trends come and go, but priceless gemstones are eternal. This is the main reason why prasiolite jewelry will always attract a large segment of buyers, who are constantly looking for modern treasures in the form of rare, affordable accessories.
Prasiolite jewels are worn by first-hand celebrities who know how to put their best features on full display. They give a new meaning to trendy accessories and take them to the next level, compelling non-celebrities to recreate their most spectacular looks. If you are interested in finding accessible, insanely appealing prasiolite embellishments, get them from Raymond Lee Jewelers, your one stop shop for refined, luxury jewelry.
Here you can stumble across everything your heart desires: from natural pearls, huge rubies and emeralds to delicate sapphires and the brightest peridot, mounted on silver, gold or platinum.
In the end, the final choice is up to you. If you want to impress a large audience with a very glamorous look without breaking the bank, choose to buy and wear cheap, exquisite prasiolite jewelry. Despite the fact that this stone is quite rare, it is still affordable, compared to other substitutes with the same aesthetic value.
A gorgeous accessory like the Judith Ripka Two Tone Prasiolite and Diamond Cuff Bracelet will never pass unnoticed. It is perfect for women who want to make a fashion statement on a daily basis. It can also represent the most ingenious gift idea. After all, what’s not to like about a diamond cuff bracelet adorned with prasiolite stones? It seems that prasiolites and diamonds are a match made in heaven. This envy-generating combination can turn you into the queen of the night and allow you to reveal your impeccable taste and sense of style.
If you are still looking for fabulous, decently priced prasiolite jewelry, just contemplate the jaw-dropping, premium accessories showcased by Raymond Lee Jewelers and identify the ones that are just right for you.

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