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Aquamarine Jewelry

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Aquamarine, with its soft greenish blue color, is one of the most popular gemstones used in jewelry. Its delicate tone, resembling a pool of water is lovely, especially when set against silver and any color of gold. Raymond Lee Jewelers offers a dazzling assortment of jewelry that features this incredibly versatile gem from aquamarine earrings and aquamarine rings to aquamarine necklaces, aquamarine bracelets and more.

Aquamarine is part of the beryl gemstone family, which also includes the emerald. Its color can range from pale blue to aqua green. Many of our gorgeous aquamarine jewelry pieces have contemporary designs and can be worn casually but we also have show stopping aquamarine jewelry suitable for different occasions that will certainly make you the center of attention. Browse our collection now!
Aquamarine Jewelry Meanings and Symbolism
Aquamarine is a dazzling blue gemstone that resembles the color of seawaters, hence, its original Latin name aqua marinus or “the water of the sea.” It is traditionally the birthstone for March.
According to legends, aquamarines are the treasures of Atlantis and the jewels of mermaids with the power to calm waves as well as protect sailors at sea and grant them a safe voyage. Aquamarine is also believed to evoke serenity in relationships, which is why aquamarine jewelry is often chosen as an anniversary gift. Because of its cool blue color, it inspires calmness in a person. Meditating with aquamarine is said to create inner peace.

Aquamarine Jewelry Buying Tips

When shopping for aquamarine jewelry, the quality of the stone is the most vital factor that determines its value. Aquamarine encapsulates the color of the sea with its pastel blue hue mixed with a touch of green. The purer and brighter the blue color of the aquamarine, the higher its value. The stone’s clarity and cut are also very important, since internal flaws become more visible in light shade.

Carat weight also matters as larger aquamarines will cost more per carat. Large aquamarines have more saturated color, which is not possible to achieve in tiny accent stones. In addition, one of the tell-tale qualities of aquamarine is its beautiful glassy luster. The structure of the aquamarine crystal has six sides, which is unique from other similar blue gemstones.

Aquamarine Jewelry Collection

Thanks to its icy blue color, the aquamarine gemstone is a very attractive candidate for any type of jewelry from yellow, white or rose gold jewelry to sterling silver jewelry or platinum jewelry. Combine these beautiful blue gems with precious metals and add some diamonds or other gemstones plus excellent craftsmanship and stylish designs and you will get a breathtaking selection of aquamarine jewelry, the kind Raymond Lee Jewelers is proud to carry.

We invite you to take a look at our selection of aquamarine jewelry pieces and discover their beauty. With its exquisite color and clarity, it’s not surprising that aquamarine is favored by many. It becomes very glamorous when set in white or yellow gold, simply stunning with diamonds and completes any mixed gemstone piece. Our collection of diamond and aquamarine cocktail rings for one is divine, featuring gold and platinum settings with strong blue aquamarine and round brilliant cut diamonds like the Vintage Style 34 Carat Aquamarine Diamond Platinum Cocktail Ring.

Our aquamarine jewelry collection also includes beautiful aquamarine necklaces and aquamarine pendants. Imagine one of these beauties around your neck – premium white gold with a circle of diamonds and a drop of sparkling blue aquamarine or a pendant that features a large pear shape aquamarine with a dreamy blue color. These pieces will certainly add a touch of style to any outfit.

Take a look at one of our aquamarine earrings and fall in love with our delightful estate and designer pieces like the Tiffany & Co Aquamarine and Diamond Earrings in Platinum that you can get from our store at $3,000 less. We offer a terrific selection of aquamarine jewelry at discount prices.

Aquamarine Jewelry Care

With a little tender care, you can keep your fine aquamarine jewelry always looking good. The best method to clean aquamarine jewelry is to soak it in a small bowl of warm, soapy water. Make sure to use just a few drops of regular mild dish detergent. If necessary, remove any build of dust or soap using a soft brush. Then, simply rinse your jewelry piece and pat it dry with a piece of soft cloth.

Ensure that your aquamarine jewelry is clean and dry before storing it away. To protect it from scratches, don’t keep it with the rest of your gemstone jewelry all in a single box or dump it inside your bag along with other jewelry pieces. Keep in mind that gems can scratch each other or get scratched by metal. Always store each jewelry piece in separate cases or wrap your aquamarine jewelry in soft cloth or tissue paper.

To avoid cleaning your aquamarine jewelry so often, wear it on only after you’ve have put on your make-up, hairspray or perfume. Take your jewelry off before playing sports or other vigorous activity. Also, make sure to keep it from bleach and other household chemicals which can surely damage it.

Wearing Aquamarine Jewelry
Aquamarine is a fairly durable gemstone, making it perfect for daily wear. It’s a striking addition to an evening gown or formal attire. The pale blue hue of aquamarine flatters every skin tone and hair color. Aquamarine jewelry is very eye-catching but its passive color allows you to wear more than a single piece of aquamarine jewelry at the same time without being too flashy. Wear an aquamarine bracelet with an aquamarine necklace or another gemstone necklace in a similar bluish tone for a slightly different but still balanced effect. For blue-eyed individuals, a pair of aquamarine earrings will certainly bring out the color of your eyes.

Shop for Aquamarine Jewelry

Our spectacular selection of aquamarine jewelry features premium-quality aquamarine gemstones paired with precious metals and gemstones at their finest – pieces that are made even more irresistible with their incredibly low prices. So, what are you waiting for? Add aquamarine jewelry from our jewelry collection to yours. Browse our online store or visit us at our Boca Raton, Florida showroom and shop for aquamarine jewelry now!

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