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Highlight Your Elegant Style with Classy Mikimoto Jewelry

For centuries, pearls have been considered a symbol of power, elegance and wealth. Representatives of the young generation often perceive a pearl necklace as a bold accessory that could be worn on different occasions to obtain a classy look. On the other hand, refined women who appreciate the real value of natural pearls understand that this gem obtained from living creatures is truly unique and deserves to be brought into the spotlight only on special occasions.
Legendary Beauties Who Inspired the Mikimoto Jewelry and Gave a New Meaning to Pearls
Queen Elisabeth the First expressed her passion for beautiful pearl necklaces and used to cover herself with gigantic, glistering natural pearls. Her portraits reveal her unmatched elegance and her sublime sense of style that hardly needs any confirmations. Moreover, art lovers will certainly associate this remarkable natural gem with the sought-after painting entitled The Girl with a Pearl Earring Johannes Vermeer, the famous Dutch painter. In this case, pearls are a symbol of innocence, associated with a mysterious, alluring beauty.
The petite pearl earring, correlated with that enchanting, intriguing smile, turns the girls into an iconic, mesmerizing character. At the same time, Cleopatra, the goddess of seduction, also revealed her passion for pearls on numerous occasions, proving that these gems are more versatile than one might be tempted to think.
Milimoto jewelry encapsulates the unique charm and the overwhelming power of seduction of beautiful pearls. These embellishments can bring you in the center of everyone’s attention virtually effortlessly, as long as they are worn with pride and mixed and matched in the most appropriate manner.
The pearls that you may find inside your grandmother’s jewelry box can easily perfect your elegant style and help you shine and display different looks. They go well with an opulent gala dress, but can also reveal your femininity while being paired with a delicate white silk blouse and a pair of skinny jeans, for a much more relaxed, casual look.
Pre-Owned Mikimoto Jewelry: the Enchanting Vintage Treasure
Not all of us are lucky enough to have amazing, decades-old jewelry pieces that belonged to our grandmothers. Those who want to recreate the unique style of the “belle époque” have the chance to identify and purchase vintage jewelry pieces, like the absolutely fabulous pre-owned Mikimoto jewelry, for instance.
If diamond’s are a girl’s best friends, pearls are the discrete ally of the powerful, refined, seductive woman who knows her value and exploits her full potential not in an effort to impress other people, but driven by the ambition of improving her own style and reaching absolute perfection.
Cultured pearl jewelry is a symbol of refinement, excellent taste and passion for vintage treasure that will never lose their meaning or go out of fashion. Mikimoto exclusives offer you the chance to turn back the clock and borrow the distinctive charm and elegance of a pampered royalty. Unique or limited-edition pearl accessories help you make a powerful fashion statement, express your unique personality and turn heads wherever you may go. From the World of Creativity ring to the Lure necklace, made from cultured pearls and adorned with premium water opals flower, every single piece is designed to make a powerful impression and put the wearer and all admirers under a powerful spell.
Some of the most appreciated Mikimoto jewelry pieces reflect a wonderful combination, appreciated by a truly sophisticated clientele: diamonds and pearls. The fabulous South Sea Pearl Ring with 11mm Pearl and Diamonds reveals that gifted designers don’t have to reinvent the wheel to impress potential buyers; they just have to use the best materials (in this case 18k gold), make the most of their superior craftsmanship skills and implement ingenious designed ideas to create timelessly elegant pieces that will be received with the same enthusiasm 100 years from now.
After all, what’s not to love about diamonds and cultured pearls, mounted on a gold structure that compliments the wearers’ best features in any given set of circumstances?
Shop Pre-Owned Statement Pieces Designed by Kokichi Mikimoto, “The Pearl King”
Adopting a classy, elegant look is not as easy as it may seem. These days, you could easily find cheap pearl accessories that cost less than one hundred dollars. They may make you feel alluring and seductive, but such accessories have no value whatsoever in the eyes of a real connoisseur.
If you want to dress to impress, select the best accessories to take your outfit to the next level. Opt for pre-owned Mikimoto jewelry attractive prices, brought to you by Raymond Lee Jewelers, your number one source of designer jewelry carrying the tiniest price tags. Here you will find bold, statement pieces that match your aesthetic requirements and your financial possibilities at the same time. With these accessories, living a luxurious, classy life has never been easier.
Kokichi Mikimoto understood the desires of a modern clientele, avid for magnificent, opulent statement pieces. In a quest for absolute beauty and perfection, the inventor of the versatile cultured pearls has made it his mission to adorn the necklaces of some of the most influential women with the mysterious, appealing sea gems that attract compliments like a magnet. His company, opened in 1893, is not a powerful player in the jewelry industry and an etalon for smaller enterprises sharing the creative, inspiring vision of Kokichi Mikimoto.
Get Your Own Pearly Treasures from Raymond Lee Jewelers
Real treasures are hard to find. This is precisely why you shouldn’t waste any time trying to spot the perfect Kokichi Mikimoto for truly special occasions. Get them from Raymond Lee Jewelers before they sell out.
Put the lavishing Mikimoto 18k Yellow Gold Triple Pearl Bracelet on your shopping list and let yourself be mesmerizing the perfect symmetry and the alluring simplicity of an elegant, one-of-a-kind pearl bracelet that stands out on its own, due to its amazing design and quality materials.
If you’d rather obtain that unforgettable classy look with just one string of cultured pearls, check out the pre-owned Mikimoto Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace and get inspired by its minimalist style that somehow manages to create a powerful visual impact. Purchase vintage artworks signed by Mikimoto from Raymond Lee Jewelers, your one-stop shop for exquisite, high-end accessories.

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