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Hermes of Paris, commonly known as simply Hermes, is a French maker of quality luxury goods that was formed in 1837. Today, Hermes specializes in the best quality leather goods, lifestyle accessories, perfumes, ready-to-wear apparel, and designer jewelry. The renowned brand has continued to endure and set itself apart from other high-end designer brands for an outstanding 177 years.

Hermes is regarded as one of the most powerful luxury brands in the world, surpassing the industry and influencing trends while creating timeless products that only further immortalize the brand. The name Hermes has in fact gone beyond being a high fashion label and a symbol of status and wealth. Owning Hermes jewelry is an extraordinary experience that in itself has precious value.

One reason behind the strong brand of Hermes is its emphasis on the importance of hand craftsmanship and how it has stayed true to its rich heritage. In the midst of global economic downturns and the rise of many fresh competitors, Hermes has stayed strong and even keeps on growing as a business. While its innovations, design and creativity are all remarkable, its strength lies in its long and storied history that serves as its firm foundation, something which many brands lack.

A Proud Heritage

Established in Paris in 1837 by Thierry Hermes, the Hermes Fashion House actually started as a harness-making business where the founder handcrafted and sold the finest horse harnesses for carriages and wrought bridles. The shop, located in the Grands Boulevards area of Paris, became well known among European noblemen and royalty for its superior saddle stitch. In 1879, successor Charles-Emile Hermes expanded their line of products to include saddles. A new location was also opened nearby Élysée Palace.

The Hermes line of handbags, one of the company’s best ever selling products, was introduced in 1922. Hermes gained a foothold in the American market in 1924, and launched the first collection of women’s apparel in Paris in 1929. The famous Hermes scarves were not produced until the 1930s while production of their iconic silk ties started in 1946 and the perfumes were developed in 1949.

It was only starting in the 1950s that Hermes started producing watches for men and women as well as jewelry. More than the uniqueness in lines and shapes, Hermes jewelry presents a different spirit that embodies their heritage and own style.

Hermes High Jewelry Creations

Hermes jewelry is renowned for being unique in design and interpretation. In 2010, the distinctive Hermes Haute Bijouterie collection was launched. The equestrian-themed pieces, which echo the company’s heritage, were designed by Hermes artistic director Pierre Hardy. It featured 14 exquisite jewels that played on the main motifs of hoof and whip. Several interesting materials were used in the jewels from white gold and rose gold to diamonds, jade and opal, which worked together to exude both a masculine and yet a soft, sensual look. Some examples of pieces from this one-of-a-kind collection include the handsome black jade and rose gold Centaure ring that resembles a horse’s hoof and the whip-inspired platinum and diamond Fouet necklace.

In 2012, Hermes once again released the second round of its Haute Bijouterie collection, which honored its iconic leather handbags such as the Kelly and the Birkin. This collection was inspired by the trademark elements of the handbags such as the famous Kelly bag flat lock, which was incorporated into the design of the sleek and slim Kelly gold bracelets. Another stunning collection, the Niloticus, draws inspiration from the crocodiles of the Nile River, hence the name. The jewels in this collection include a pair of stud earrings, a ring, bracelet, and necklace in beautiful solid rose gold. The precious metal is fashioned to look like crocodile skin, which is central to the company’s heritage. The joints between the metal pieces are set with spectacular white diamond stones and the pieces are finished with a variety of multicolored gems such as beryl, peridot, and tourmaline.

If you’re interested in classic Hermes jewelry, one of the best pieces to add to your collection is a Hermes Enamel Bangle Bracelet. These pretty bracelets have long been favorites of fashionable people because of the striking colors and chic patterns and designs. They are available as printed bracelets, men’s bracelets, and the classic H bracelets. These bracelets retail around $600-760 with estate pieces costing about a hundred dollar less or more for a vintage piece like the Vintage H Logos Enamel Bracelet we have in stock.

Other unique Hermes jewelry collections include the Horn line of jewelry with pieces using a combination of buffalo horn and lacquered wood and their Leather jewelry that consists of necklaces and bracelets made of calfskin and silver-, palladium- or gold-plated hardware. Of course, Hermes also has a fabulous line of gold jewelry, silver jewelry and gold and diamond jewelry. Some of the popular pieces from these collections are from the Chaine d’Ancre and Confettis sets.

Choosing a Genuine Hermes
When you are shopping for designer jewelry or any other luxury item, it is crucial to be able to verify the authenticity of the product to protect your investment. Precisely because Hermes is a popular luxury brand and therefore costs several hundred and even thousands of dollars for premium pieces, it is not surprising that counterfeit products abound. If a direct purchase from the Hermes store is unlikely at the moment, you can take advantage of legitimate offers from sellers like Raymond Lee Jewelers.
It will help you shop with more confidence if you know some ways to authenticate Hermes jewelry. One way to do so is by comparison shopping. We invite you to browse our selection whether online or at our Boca Raton showroom and then check our pieces against the ones on the Hermes website or at one of their stores. Compare the models by looking at the style and quality of workmanship. Make sure the model names as well as the specifications and even dimensions are the same.
You can also be assured of an honest transaction if you buy from a reputable retailer. Raymond Lee Jewelers is an established local jeweler in South Florida and a trusted source of authentic Hermes designer jewelry.

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