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Presently based in Geneva, Switzerland, Chopard is one of the best makers of luxury watches and jewelries in the world. This company, founded by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in 1860, originally manufactured only high-end timepieces but Chopard has grown to become a name also synonymous to premier designer jewelry collections. Customers and jewelry enthusiasts from around the globe admire Chopard jewelry for its exceptional craftsmanship and topnotch in-house jewelry production.
Chopard Jewelry Collection
Clear lines and shapes are the distinguishing qualities of Chopard jewelry. These luxurious pieces from this prominent Swiss brand have captured the hearts of fashionable women all over for decades and decades. The current Chopard jewelry collection consists of Chopardissimo, Happy Diamonds, IMPERIALE and La Strada. There’s also the charming Miss Happy line of jewelry under the Happy Diamonds collection.
The Chopardissimo collection features chunky but balanced and polished pieces with the Chopard script logo beautifully engraved into white or trendy rose gold. The bands and earrings are wide and the pendants are large. These pieces are bold, contemporary and very tastefully done. The Happy Diamonds and Miss Happy collections feature Chopard’s signature moving diamonds, inspired by waterfalls and water drops. The diamonds are free to move about inside a tiny encasement incorporated in the jewelry pieces, creating cascading light as they move and swirl about. The Happy Diamonds collection is at the core of Chopard’s line of women’s jewelry and Raymond Lee Jewelry is delighted to carry some pieces from this collection.
Chopard’s IMPERIALE collection showcases magnificent jewelry in white and rose gold with a variety of gems from diamonds to amethyst, chalcedony and pink quartz that give the pieces not only a trendy appeal but also a rich and regal appearance. The pieces bear a unique motif of a stylized floral shape inspired by embroidery patterns. These impeccable pieces are fun and glamorous. Versions of this jewelry line without the colored gems are youthful with hollow flower motifs that show the skin beneath the pieces while versions set with diamonds are simply magnificent but not over the top.
With the La Strada collection, the inspiration came from classic 1950s Italian Cinema and the femininity from that era. In particular, the film “La Strada” directed by Italian film master Federico Fellini inspired Chopard to come up with a jewelry collection that will pay tribute to the timeless appeal of women and cinema. The La Strada jewelry collection features pieces with smooth, feminine curves and lines that were inspired by the paving stones of Italian streets as can be seen in the movie. This collection includes earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants in white and soft rose gold.
In its high jewelry line, Chopard features many, precious pieces from several collections including Temptations with stylish pieces in refreshing and brilliant colors and the extraordinarily Animal World jewelry pieces like the Polar Bear Ring, Peacock Earrings and Regal Tiger Necklace. Chopard’s classic Haute Joaillerie collection remains contemporary and daring to this day with its innovative take on using diamonds and precious stones such as the matching Sapphire and Diamond Copacabana Ring and Earrings.
Exquisite Chopard Jewelry Reflects Subtle Grace
For women who wear only the finest apparel, nothing but the finest accessories like Chopard designer jewelry will do. Adorn an elegant and slender neck with a Chopard Imperiale Rose Gold and Amethyst Necklace. Put on a pair of classic round white gold and diamond Miss Happy Earrings or decorate your wrist with a Chopard Happy Sun 18K Rose Gold and Diamond Charm Bracelet. How about a gorgeous Chopard So Happy heart-shaped Pink Diamond and White Gold Ring with floating diamond stones? Chopard jewelry is simple yet elegant, offering something for all women with class and gentle charm.
Chopard is known for its tradition of quality and superiority in workmanship and it continues to live up to its high standards in its jewelry collections. Using the best materials, each piece of Chopard jewelry is crafted to reflect both long-lasting beauty and excellence. Some of the materials used to make these pieces include gold, stainless steel, diamonds, sapphires, amethysts and emeralds. The art of making Chopard jewelry is not just in the actual construction of these pieces but also in every design that never leaves a gaudy impression but only admiration for the piece and the wearer.
What Ladies Love About Chopard Jewelry
While Chopard jewelry has a distinct style and look, ladies love the variety of its collections. There is a perfect piece for every day wear and for practically any occasion and activity. Whimsical pieces like Chopard Teddy Bear pendant are great for casual get-togethers while the simple and yet stunning Chopard La Strada 18k rose gold and diamond earring clips are perfect for high-profile formal events. Chopard has many such precious jewelry pieces from necklaces and pendants to rings, earrings and bracelets that will make fine accents to a designer gown or the standard little black dress.
A Timeless Treasure
Women of all ages fall in love with Chopard jewelry. From a pair of classic Chopard Happy Diamonds earrings to the reinvented La Strada pieces that feature soft, exquisite curves, jewelry lovers from different generations appreciate the high quality of a Chopard creation. Ladies who received their first Chopard pieces when they were young have kept their jewelry safe and then passed them on to the next generation. Whether you intend to invest in a timeless jewelry that may one day be a family heirloom or you simply deserve a luxurious gift, Chopard jewelry will always display stellar craftsmanship, class and charm for generation to generation.
A Quiet Impression
Chopard jewelry evokes its founder’s lifelong dedication and skill. It’s reflective of the kind of individual that such jewelry is made for – someone unique and quietly remarkable. A piece of Chopard jewelry is both a prudent investment and a luxury, easily combining a polished look with a sense of lightheartedness. Chopard jewelry is never garish. Any piece, whether new or estate Chopard jewelry, exudes grace and sophistication. This is the jewelry line for accomplished women with quiet confidence who doesn’t need overly-extravagant accessories or loud conversations to draw people’s attention. Wearing the perfect Chopard jewelry is enough to make a statement.

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