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The Popularity of Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Rings

The Popularity of Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Rings

Just like its name suggests the pear-shaped diamond is a curved bottom and pointed at the top just like its name sake ‘the pear’ only much more beautiful. This diamond might seem the latest design but believe it or not it originated way back in 1458, oh yes it is that old. Although the cut has improved over the years with modern technology the shape is the same, only the way the diamond is faceted has changed to make it much more brilliant. Lodewyk Van Berquem is the man behind the pear shape diamond, and he is also the one who started designing diamonds by cutting them into different shapes.

The pear-shaped diamond was not appreciated as much during its development days as it is today. The pear-shaped diamond involves a lot of cutting which leads to a lot of rough diamond going to waste and this is why it never gained popularity back then. The pear-shaped diamond is also known as the teardrop diamond because of how it is shaped also resembling a tear drop. It is a mixture of round brilliant shaped diamond and a marquise cut diamond.

The pear-shaped diamond depicts the wearer to be bold and confident and in many cases it is used as an important centerpiece in earrings and necklaces. A pear-shaped ring can be worn on either side depending on the mood of the person wearing it. Choosing a pear-shaped diamond ring over a round cut diamond of a similar size can give you a much bolder bigger look as the pear shape usually (dependant on the cut) will look much larger in the engagement ring or necklace setting. A pear shape diamond is a bold choice and makes a gorgeous sparkling drop at the end of a necklace.

The pear shape diamond styles.

The determinant factor for measuring the symmetry of the stone is the length to width ratio. A standard pear-shaped diamond should have a ratio of 1.50 to 1.75. When the ratio is less than 1.5, the pear-shaped diamond looks short and wide. When the ratio is above 1.75 the diamond will appear longer and thinner. A Pear shaped diamond is considered an excellent choice for an engagement ring because of its attractive shape and cut. Even if a pear shape diamond does not have the perfect symmetry it may look amazing due to the fact that the cut makes the stone look larger than it is.

Depending on how the pear shape diamond is cut you may see what is known as a bowtie.This is actually a shadow when you look at it from the top of the stone. So the reason that this shadow is called a bow tie is that it spreads out from the middle of the stone and bowties out on each side. Of course when you find the diamond that you love you will take into consideration not only the cut but also the color and clarity you want. Often times its a question of budget and you might want to consider which is more important the color, the cut or the clarity. It is hard to get everything that you want and you will probably have to look at a few stones before deciding which are the most important points for you. Each stone is different for the next, just like fingerprint and certain attributes of the stone may seem attractive to you and not to someone else and thats what makes each stone so unique. Of course, a skilled diamond cutter is an artisan who will use the rough stone to craft the best diamond he or she can.

There are many styles to choose from but when it comes to engagement rings the solitaire style is the most popular and of course you can spend more on the center stone when you do not have a more expensive mounting. It also gives the impression it is the only shining star around, and nothing will compete with it. If you would prefer a more sophisticated and exemplary design, you can have a three stone elegant style where a pear-shaped diamond is at the center, and other two are at the side complimenting each other.

Once again choosing the perfect diamond for you may take some time or you may be lucky and find the one you love immediately. So if the color of the stone is the most important then perhaps you will accept a slightly lower clarity, in other words a stone with a few inclusions in it. These inclusions may or may not be seen with the naked eye and the price will reflect that. If you want your pear shape diamond ring not to show any color, you’ll have to select a color code that is close to colorless. According to GIA scale, the colors known as D-G will be extremely white or colorless. Although, even an H or I on the diamond scale can be beautiful in color and slightly less money

It is important to pay attention to the attributes you find most important in a diamond. If of course when choosing a pear shape diamond you don’t mind if the color is a little darker but the diamond is cleaner, in other words there are only one or 2 inclusions and they are not visible to the naked eye then going slightly down in color would still leave you with a beautiful stone. Some people prefer a pear shape diamond that has a cut that makes it look shorter but wider so that it looks larger from the top. A pear shape diamond that is long and skinny may look great on a person with longer thin fingers. It’s so personal that its difficult to say what cut or color would work for any given person. Of course although there is so much science involved in all of these decisions it can be as easy as just looking at the stone or ring and loving it right away without having to consider any of those things. Sometimes its all emotion and that’s all it needs to be to fill a person with joy and excitement. You may be the type of person that just knows what they like right away and doesn’t have a need to look at a lot of rings and diamonds to be sure as they have an easy time making a decision, even one as important as that.

Remember the length to width ratio should be proportional in the sense when the length is 1.4-1.7 the width should be 1 to give it a precise structure and shape. Most people prefer the pear shape diamond for engagement rings because of its all-around feature and appeal. Raymond Lee jewelers have an array of quality pear shape diamond rings and jewels from the most famous designers. The pear-shaped diamond is perfect for almost any type of setting, and it will all depend on which kind of setup intrigues your fashion sense.

The design and style of the pear shape diamond will depend on the color and ratio of the stone you want. You can choose from the one that is long and portrays your finger to be longer when you wear it. To protect your pear shape diamond from the damage, it is crucial you choose the best setting that will hold your diamond in place and protect the edges.

The setting should be able to hold the tip and the side edges of the pear shape diamond. The setting can have five or six prongs, but the six prongs are more preferred because it holds better. The halo setting surrounds the entire diamond and gives it a bigger and more impressive look as well as giving you the peace of mind so that you don’t have to worry about damage or scratches to your beautiful pear shape diamond.

The pear shape diamond is still popular

The pear-shaped diamond has always been popular, but that’s not all, there are some famous people who are considered to be the whos who of society who have worn some spectacular pear shape diamonds. Paris Hilton wears a 20-carat pear-shaped diamond that is mounted on a platinum band. The queen of Spain Elizabeth Farnese owned a 6.16-carat grey-blue pear-shaped diamond in 1715 which is still exists today. Victoria Beckham has been spotted wearing a big fabulous pear shape diamond ring also.

It goes to show however traditional a pear shape diamond is it is still loved by the famous and not so famous alike . It will never lose its sparkle and charm whenever you set your eyes on it. There is a reason why it is still standing strong and doesn’t fade in the fashion world for generations. The only way to find what is unique about it is to buy it and experience the secret that it is. Whatever you decide and whatever shape diamond you love the stone will last forever, you will never forget the thrill and experience of picking it out.

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