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Pomellato Watches Debut With Parmigiani Fleurier

Pomellato Watches Debut With Parmigiani Fleurier

When you want to find a watch that is ideal for your personal tastes and preferences, the key is focusing on the style that you prefer. Among the options that is available is Pomellato’s debut watch. The style of the watch combines the beauty of jewelry with the usefulness of a time piece.

Combining Jewelry With a Watch

Pomellato is originally a fine jeweler in Italy. Although the company primarily focuses on providing stylish and beautiful jewelry, it has recently created a watch by partnering with Swiss watchmaker Parmigiani Fleurier. The result is a line of watches that provide the aesthetic beauty of jewelry. The watches are made out of rose gold, which provides a delicate pink shade to the watch that is perfect for a lady’s time piece.

The Designs

The debut watch comes in four different designs and styles to provide a variety of options that can appeal to different tastes and style preferences. Three of the designs are inspired by the Arabesque collection, which is the reason that rose gold was selected for the watch.

The wavy patterns and simple gold outline provide a beautiful watch that is perfect for most occasions. The watch is simple enough for normal daily activities, but attractive enough to wear for formal or semi-formal occasions. Although three of the designs are simple and elegant, the fourth design features diamonds that surround the turquoise face of the watch. The fourth design stems from the Capri collection, which offers an elegant appearance. The diamonds add to the formal appeal of the watch, which makes it a perfect option for a formal occasion. The turquoise face further enhances the design and adds a spark of color.

Limited Number of Debut Watches

The designs and decision to move forward with the effort to create a beautiful watch that women can enjoy and love stems from the gradual empowerment of women. More women are entering the workforce and are gaining confidence, which is changing the way that jewelers are designing the options they put on the floor. Although Pomellato has decided to start a line of watches, the debut watch will only be created in a limited number. The company plans to create and sell only 150 watches in the debut line. Since the watches feature rose gold and one design features diamonds, the price for the watch is similar to a fine piece of jewelry.

Finding the Right Watch

Although the limited number of watches in the Pomellato debut line may limit your ability to get the specific watch that you want, it can give you the inspiration to find the perfect watch for your interests and goals. Consider the size that you want to wear and the styles that you prefer before you start shopping for a lady’s watch. By narrowing down the options, you can get the watch that you want for the price that you prefer to pay. Pomellato is making changes that will impact the jewelry industry. The debut watches are only the beginning of a new line that is designed to appeal to women who are confident and empowered. The company plans to continue moving forward with watches in the future.


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