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Jewelry Every Woman Should Own: Pendant Necklaces

Jewelry Every Woman Should Own: Pendant Necklaces

14k Two Tone Princess Cut Diamond Cross Pendant w/ Chain Back

Every woman knows that a wardrobe is not complete without certain staples. A little black dress. The perfectly tailored suit. Live-in-them jeans. That special occasion dress that makes you feel absolutely stunning. But a woman’s jewelry wardrobe is equally important. These are the pieces of jewelry every woman should own.

The pendant necklace is a versatile piece in every woman’s jewelry arsenal. A classic pendant is the ideal piece for every day wear. It’s unobtrusive, elegant, and classic.

Pendant necklaces elongate the neck by drawing the eye downward, and a single accent provides just enough of a statement that it doesn’t compete with your outfit or other jewelry.

The pendant necklace can be worn to the grocery store, to work, and everywhere in between without a second thought. It instantly elevates your look by providing a finishing touch, and looks effortless.

Because a pendant can be worn pretty much everywhere, and is ideal for daily use, it’s a lovely way to wear something meaningful. Whether the pendant is a charm of a favorite hobby, a single birthstone, or a fabulous diamond form a loved one, it hangs close to the heart as a constant reminder.


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