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Patek Nautilus- Iced Out Piece

Patek Nautilus- Iced Out Piece

What is special about Patek Nautilus Timepiece?

If you love collecting watches, you know how hard it can be to find the right one. Whether you want a watch for yourself or a loved one, getting one requires being intentional. There is a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials. So, it can be hard to find the perfect combination of style and quality with a high-end watch. However, Patek Nautilus timepiece is the answer if you have your heart set on elegance. A Patek Nautilus – ice out timepiece guarantees quality and luxury. 

Clasped around the wrist, the Patek Nautilus is bound to endear onlookers. It is also meant to make the watch wearer feel like royalty. It is an iconic timepiece that has been winning watch collectors’ attention  since 1976. Designers encrusted this timeless jewel’s “Iced Out” edition with diamonds. And, of course, we cannot forget the presence of other shimmering gems. These ensembles are sure to set you apart from your peers.

The Patek Nautilus timepieces are one of the most impressive in the world. Watchmakers made a unique design out of standard materials. But this watch isn’t only beautiful; its incredible features make it a must-have for many. Let’s learn a bit more about why this stunning timepiece is so special

Features of Patek Nautilus timepiece

Pros of the Patek Nautilus – Iced Out Timepiece

The Patek Nautilus: Iced Out timepiece is a clear-cut winner. It’s stylish, luxurious, and has that “IT” factor that you always look for in a timepiece. They made this timepiece from the finest quality materials. It also comes with a self-winding movement—a feature that will never let you down. The fact that it is “iced out” (covered in diamonds) makes it even more valuable. However, the value of the Patek nautilus timepiece transcends the obvious. The other pros of the Patek Nautilus – Iced Out timepiece include but are not limited to the following: 

  • It is Prestigious

The Patek nautilus is not for everyone but the selected few. From the design to the distribution and the mode of marketing, it embodies prestige. And from the looks of things, it looks like they have made great success with that. 

  • It is Versatile

Most people look out for versatility when buying a watch, and they are right to do that. It would help if you did not have to cherry-pick your attires every time you go out with your watch. With the Patek Nautilus, you do not need to worry about attires. People, including celebrities, wear it in business attire and sportswear. And on all the occasions they have worn it, it has looked complementary and perfect. 

  • It has a Unique Design

It is no longer news to all Patek Nautilus lovers that the designer of this timepiece is Gerald Genta. Gerald did something spectacular with the Patek Nautilus piece. It is clear to see because it is still one of the unique luxury watches to grace the earth. Designed as a sports watch, it manages to appeal to a wider audience and serve a purpose beyond sport. 

  • It is Uncommon

The Patek Nautilus – iced out piece is not the type of timepiece that you find everywhere. And as expected, you do not get to see it on the market often. This is because the Patek Philipp has an annual number that ranges from 50,000 to 70,000 watches. Of course, these numbers cut across all the models under the brand. The Patek Nautilus timepiece happens to be one of the models for the collection. So, you should not expect that this model will be out in large numbers. It is scarce, and people continue to want more of it, making it even more valuable. 

  • It is an Asset/ Investment

Apart from the fact that the Patek Nautilus is fit for fashion and perfect for luxury wear, it is a great asset. Of course, the major reason for getting a Patek Nautilus timepiece may not be so that you can resell it. But, it is a timepiece known for its ability to keep value over time. Hence, there is a chance that you trade it at any point if you wish. 

As earlier stated, the pros of a Patek Nautilus – iced out timepiece are beyond the physical. It has continued to serve watch enthusiasts in many ways since its start. And from the sign, it does not look like it is stopping soon. If you have ever wondered about the origin of the Patek Nautilus – Iced Out timepiece, you are on the right path. For a piece that has made this much wave, it is only right that we know where and when it originates from. 

Origin of The Patek Nautilus – Ice Out Timepiece

Patek Nautilus is unique. Since finding it in 1976, the timepiece has proven to be one of the classiest timepieces. It is one of the greatest models to ever emerge from the Patek Philippe collection. Before the unveiling of Nautilus in 1976,  People already knew the Patek Philippe. They had already existed for about 182 years. After the unveiling of the Patek Nautilus, the company has grown . Today, it is one of the most cherished. And, of course, it is a delicacy among connoisseurs of fine watches.

Origin of Patek Nautilus Timepiece

But of course, it took many years and great effort before attaining this height. You are on the right path if you have ever wondered how the Patek Nautilus has grown to become this great. There have been others who wondered the same. And the answer is this: It all started in 1972. This year, Gerald unveiled the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch. He launched it as the first-ever stainless steel luxury sports watch. And, yes! It was a big deal. Being the first, it made history and changed the cause of things among watch enthusiasts. It has been a great influencer after its reveal. Now, many people love it. 

The introduction of watch enthusiasts to stainless steel improved the durability of watches. While it was the cheaper alternative of the materials available, it stood out as the most durable. It fought decay like no other. And soon, the use of stainless steel became a trend among watchmakers. The Patek Philippe brand caught up with the trend.

As expected, they joined the trend of using stainless steel to make their timepiece. But, they stuck to their principle of doing unique things. And so, their piece came with a head-turning design. The mechanism and movement were also brilliant. They wanted it to be special, and it was. In every way possible, it beat the target. Since their first luxury sports watch, Patek Philippe has created several more. The Patek Nautilus, which came in 1976, is one of them. 

Patek Nautilus came around that year, thanks to Gerald Genta. Gerald Genta also invented the Royal Oak for Audemars Piguet. During the Basel world Trade fair, he came up with the idea of Patek Nautilus too. He saw some employees at Patek Philippe at the restaurant, and he had a grand idea. To make it manifest in real-time, he wrote the idea in a paper that he collected from one of the waiters. It took him about five minutes to draft the idea of a new design in a picture. The idea, which came through inspiration from portholes, became a huge deal. 

Indeed, the idea of a Patek Nautilus at that moment changed the game for everyone. It gave Gerald Genta one of his most amazing innovations. And, of course, also gave watch enthusiasts something to cherish.

Parts/Features of the Patek Nautilus – Ice Out Timepiece

The complicated design of the Patek Nautilus is part of its appeal. The watch comprises different parts, some of which are from precious stones. This material is popular with collectors because it is rare and also because it is iced out. Some of the features of the Patek Nautilus – iced out timepiece are: 

Features of Patek Nautilus timepiece
  • The Dial 

The dial of the Patek Nautilus can come in different colors. It could be black or blue. Sometimes, it is silvery white. The dial handles the time and day display. It is also called the face of the time. For the Patek Nautilus timepiece, the dial handles display the center hour. It also displays minute and second hands. 

  • Movement

The Patek Nautilus is a self-winding timepiece. Hence, the movement is automatic. You would not need to tamper with the caliber because Gerald designed it to move as and when due. 

  • Case

First of the thing to know about the Patek Nautilus is that they used steel to make it. And not only is it made of steel, but the case is also about 40.5 – 44mm in diameter. They made the case of the Patek Nautilus with sapphire crystal which makes it resistant to scratches. They designed it to resist water up to 120 meters and have a bezel material made of steel. 

  • Bracelet

A Patek Nautilus timepiece has a steel bracelet. This steel bracelet adds elegance to its ability to hold the watch to your wrist. A strap like the one for a Patek Nautilus is more than an accessory. It is as important as other parts like the dial because you wouldn’t be able to wear it without the strap. A Patek Nautilus is also known to have a double-fold clasp. We call it a double-fold clasp because of its extra flip lock safety tab. We use the safety tab to hold the major clasp in place and prevent it from opening. 

From the special features to the pros of a Patek Nautilus, it is understandable that you desire to own one. However, you must decide if you are getting a brand new or a pre-owned Patek Nautilus timepiece. 

Suppose you want to go for a new one. Here are the best places to get your Patek Nautilus:

  • Salon

There are about three salons for the Patek brand worldwide. If you are close to London, Paris or Geneva, you might decide that it is best to walk into one of these salons. Otherwise, using authorized dealers is also an option

  • Authorized dealers

The use of Authorized dealers did not start with Patek, and it won’t end with Patek. It means high brands often use it to enable the distribution of goods/products. In this case, you get to have your Patek Nautilus from a licensed retailer. So, if you want this type of watch and wouldn’t like to travel, you could contact any of the 78 dealers. 

  • Non- Authorized Dealers.

Sometimes, you get to own a Patek Nautilus by buying from non-authorized dealers. Of course, the advantage here is that you might get your goods faster. You may not need to wait for months or years to get one timepiece. Although, it is the most expensive means of getting your Patek Nautilus. This is because non-authorized dealers can charge whatever they desire. And as long as you agree to the contract, it becomes binding. 


So, you’re looking to pick up a Patek Nautilus: Iced out Timepiece. Is it your first timepiece, or do you desire to replace an old one? Either way, you can’t go wrong with Patek Nautilus – Iced Out timepiece. To own a timepiece by Patek is every watch lover’s dream. Their styling and designs excel in quality and beauty. The Nautilus line is one of their many masterpieces. 

In essence, a Patek Nautilus  timepiece is the perfect addition to any collection. So, do not shy away from getting one for yourself. If you’re unsure where to start looking at the best Nautilus pieces, you should click here to get the best variety. 

Suppose you are bold enough to go through with it. You will get your money’s worth from buying a Patek Nautilus.


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