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Show Off A New Engagement Ring With Pantone Spring Colors

Show Off A New Engagement Ring With Pantone Spring Colors

You’re engaged. Not only did he pop the question, at the perfect time, in the perfect place, he presented you with an 18-karat, two-tone fancy yellow cushion cut diamond engagement ring. The very one the two of you admired last fall, during your trip to meet his grandparents in Boca Raton, FL. Without a doubt, he has wowed you in an indescribable way, and every nerve in your body is aware of how much you love him. You want to set your best foot forward during the engagement parties, family dinners and while getting to know each others’ friends and social groups.

Cushion cut fancy yellow

It is time to coördinate cute fashions and accessories to showcase your new Raymond Lee Jewelers diamond ring, glittering prominently on your engagement finger. What are the high fashion colors, style of dresses and handbags to properly showcase such a glamorous ring? Fashion savvy girls have their own opinions on how to use the 2014 fashion forward colors for spring and summer. When it comes to flaunting that yellow diamond ring, you are looking for a distinct trendy edge. You have options, some perfect for spring and then even better, thanks to the hottest Pantone Spring colors.


The Hamptons, alive with creations in certain hues of sand. Sandy colors, sandy textures, and by summertime the exquisite linen fabrics in sand tones will hit the scene. Choose a light-weight linen suit with sand-toned cuffed shorts or Bermudas. They’re sure to accent your tanned legs and of course, highlight your custom diamond engagement ring.

You’ll need a “go-everywhere” outfit for unexpected trips, elegant but comfortable. Start with a simple strapless Calvin Klein, Hi-Lo maxi dress, a stripe with hues of sand tones. Easy to wear shoes, Lucianna Marrakesh Wedge, jute sandals by UGG Australia, sand-tones with black print. Finished with a Brahmin, medium Asher tote of raffia and vineyard whiskey. This bag carried a lot without the added weight of a large tote.

Violet Tulip

You can’t feel more feminine than at the moment you begin to enjoy the radiant affection and attention offered to you as a freshly engaged bride. For this, the absolutely perfect hue of violet tulip, paired with crisp white, a showcase of beloved, womanly essence. Choose the Burberry Prorsum Cashmere and cotton blend sweater, for sensual tactile softness and alluring open back. Pair it with the Opening Ceremony flare black leather skirt from. For a delightful contrast, add this Louie Vuitton, Parnassea Bag in slightly deeper lilac purple. Tie it together with delicately-strapped Fendi pump sandals in black and violet. If you return to Boca Raton for another visit with his family, stop in to Raymond Lee Jewelers and check out a vintage watch for him and a wedding band set as well.


The third option, gleaned from the exciting, 2014 spring/summer color palette is Hemlock. This unusual pastel tone of green, expresses subdued and demur emotion. Very versatile when paired with candy pink, small prints, crisp white, or a statement of your own using violet tulip. A formal, well put-together look uses hemlock green with black accents. There’s sure to be a formal dinner, shop in advance for the perfect evening dress and shoes.


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