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L’Odyssee de Cartier

L’Odyssee de Cartier

When it comes to selling jewelery, one of the most important aspects of grabbing attention for a new item or line of jewelry, is to have a stunning and eye catching advertisement. With the latest L’Odyssee de Cartier all of the elements of fantasy and fantastical imagery takes control of viewers imaginations and creates a want to be part of the fantastic world that surrounds the jewelery it is advertising. The advert itself is a masterful piece created by Bruno Aveillan as an exciting tribute tot he 165th anniversary of Cartier. The video is created to celebrate Cartier as much as possible and maintain a degree of fantastic whimsy. It’s celebration of Cartier has made it rise to the global stage as a popular ad placement that many viewers have latched onto with an eagerness to watch and enjoy the whimsical journey that it creates and puts forward to the audience.

Viral Success

L’Odyssee de Cartier has become a viral hit since its initial launch to the public. On YouTube, it currently has over 17 million views and has a large viewer rate, making it an extremely popular video and one of Cartier’s most successful ad placements. The video itself shows the journey of the snow leopard featured in the video, that ultimately ends up being with a woman who is wearing Cartier. The video then pulls the scene back and literally has the imagery being closed away in a Cartier jewelry box, symbolically ending the video and presenting the viewers with an exquisite work from Cartier themselves. This presentation is preceded by an exotic journey of the snow leopard, leaping through snow, jumping on buildings, and riding airplanes to eventually reach its final destination. The video itself brings forward imagery that is inviting and exciting for the viewer.

Entering the Modern Era of Jewelry Advertisement

With print ads fading out of existence, it is important for big companies and producers of jewelry to take new steps to improve their image. One of the best ways to do this is to try and create viral hits for television and the internet. This is exactly what Cartier has done with their video directed by Bruno Aveillan. It’s whimsical journey pulls in the viewer and creates a sense of intrigue even if they do not plan on buying the product. Eventually this type of advertisement create word of mouth advertisement and allows people to come closer together and invest into pieces of jewelry for themselves.

Cartier has pushed themselves with this latest piece of advertisement to become one of the leading advertisers for jewelry itself. This push allows the jewelers to reach a larger audience and consequently influences the advertisement market for jewelry itself. By doing this they are able to reach new levels of sales and create a global brand awareness as everyone becomes interconnected with the internet and social media marketing. Viral advertisement has brought jewelry and Cartier to a new generation of buyers who are curious about products, and allows them to get a glimpse at some of the glamorous features that comes packaged along with owning Cartier or any high-end product available.


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