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Take a Look at Nude Jewelry

Take a Look at Nude Jewelry

One of the most interesting, stylish new trends in temporary tattooing and jewelry is a new concept called Nude Jewelry. These intricate gold or platinum designs line the arms of stylish, well-dressed women, brides and celebrities and basically look like tattoos.

This henna-esque art form was started in China by artist Nobuhiko Akatsuka. With your bare skin as the canvas, artists like Mr. Akatsuka use pure gold foils and pure platinum foils to decorate the skin with intricate designs like butterflies, flowers, tribal-like designs and other feminine, intricate designs. Some artists also allow you to accent your nude jewelry with rhinestones and glitter.

The nude jewelry lasts 4-6 days on your skin making it perfect for a special occasion or event. While some women get a wisp of nude jewelry on a less racy area, like the forearms or shoulders, some have bared their entire back and some have designs dancing dangerously close to the cleavage plunge.

A company out of Japan, conveniently called Nude Jewelry, is one of the original companies that offer the designs and services. Within the US, there is a company out of Hawaii that offers the services as well; this is because the founder of the concept insists that all artists become certified. Finding Nude Jewelry can be tricky, but often searching for “gold temporary tattoo” on Google or eBay yields some results.

If you’re ever in Japan (Hawaii or Dubai, too!), this is a great concept to check out!


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