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NFL Quarterbacks' Luxury Watches

NFL Quarterbacks' Luxury Watches

Making plays or setting trends?

It’s not easy having the spotlight following you with every move you make on the football field, and for the quarterbacks of the NFL, the spotlight doesn’t stop at the once they’re off the field. These men are more celebrities than athletes when it comes to the public eye. We can’t help but follow their love lives, fashion choices, and daily activities. When it comes to their off-the-field accessories, some quarterbacks have been spotted wearing luxury watches on their moneymaker wrists.

Shown below, we’ve given you a peek at two of the quarterbacks who have shown their love for a couple of particular luxury timepieces. These athletes know how to accessorize when the football gear comes off. Not too shabby, guys!

Ambassador Announcement. Mark Sanchez, the quarterback for the New York Jets, is seen in this photo with his silver Breitling watch as he signs mini helmets for fans. Sanchez is the new Breitling ambassador; he’s kicking off fall 2012 with a new football season and new ambassadorship!

Manning Up For Citizen Eco-Drive. Another New York team’s quarterback, Eli Manning for the Giants, has been seen supporting his Citizen Eco-Drive watch. He has collaborated with this brand to create a special edition line of watches. Manning’s watch of choice is a chronograph timepiece avoiding too many bells and whistles, a timepiece reminiscent of his strong and solid leadership on the field.

Alyssa R for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.


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