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It Takes Two to Tango – or Three

It Takes Two to Tango – or Three

Nadal Endorsements

Spanish professional tennis player Rafael Nadal took his fifth French Open title on June 11 ranking above Swiss professional tennis player Roger Federer and rumor has it that these two are competing for more than just the ATP title. At 24 years old, Nadal is the youngest winner of the career Grand Slam and it seems like his accomplishments won’t stop there. Not only did Nadal put Federer as No.2 on the ATP ranking, but it seems like he could also knock him down from his spot on the list of tennis’ top earners. It is estimated that after his latest title Nadal’s earnings could increase by up to $20 to $41 million annually.

Currently, Federer is the sport’s leading earner with endorsement deals with big name companies like Mercedes-Benz, Rolex and Nike Inc. Nadal sits as No.3 on the sport’s earners list having endorsement deals with Kia Motors corp. and Nike Inc. but with the recent title and his estimated boost in income, Nadal could easily climb up the ladder.

However, some speculate that Nadal might not have the same star-like personality as Federer, who has made public appearances at fashion shows with Vogue magazine editor Anna Wintour. After all, being a tennis player should come first for the young athlete, especially when he is still No.2 on the ATP rankings list. Serbian professional tennis player, Novak Djokovic sits at No.1 in the ATP rankings and an endorsement deal won’t help Nadal pass him.


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