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The World’s Most Expensive Christmas Wreath

The World’s Most Expensive Christmas Wreath

Christmas celebrations are around the corner. The date is fast approaching and preparations are underway. For some, it is business as usual. However for others, it is a day to do the extraordinary. Many are hopping from one jeweler to another, all in the name of looking for the best Christmas wreaths. Wreaths are a wonderful way of decorating your home for Christmas. They increase the aesthetic appeal of your home and usher in the Christmas celebrations mood. They can also be bought as gifts for friends, family members and loved ones.

There are several types from which one can select the best. Quality and price are the two major considerations that most buyers bear in mind when selecting the best Christmas wreath. To some extent, the two go hand in hand. It depends on individual’s personal tastes and preferences.

For convenience purposes, one is likely to be tempted to go for cheap. This is fine. However, for those out to prove a point, it is time to show their might by going for something that is extra special. Nevertheless, it serves the purpose. For instance, diamonds and rubies are special. Rare flower species are special too. Thus the most expensive Christmas wreath is definitely going to comprise these special components, especially diamond, which is a precious stone.

Just how much did it cost you to obtain your Christmas wreath? By answering this question, I do not need to ask you what material the wreath was made of. A wild guess will quickly direct me to just a green thing and a ribbon around it. To add on its appearance maybe, some lights were also used to make it fit in the celebration mood. Most likely, you lost not more than $40 to acquire it. That’s all about its description. Now let’s go to the one that belongs to the rich category of people.

The world’s most expensive Christmas wreath, which is made up of diamonds and rubies is believed to retail at $4,645,800. This sounds crazy to some. But to others, it sounds great. It is symbolic of prestige and financial power. This special type of wreath is the latest release offered by VeryFirstTo.com. Basically it comprises of 17.49 carat ruby mixed together in a special way with 3.03 carats of diamond. Inside each individual flower are twenty-two loose diamonds.

When it comes to the wreath itself, it has been designed in a special way using the world’s most expensive flowers and leaves courtesy of top Finnish floral designer and Director Pasi Jokinen-Carter of Flor Unikon Flowers. The Christmas wreath is wonderful in all aspects. It is great both in style and design with a unique aesthetic appeal to the eye. This wonderful wreath is the result of Pasi Jokinen-Carter’s project branded “exiting and exceptional project.” Going by its price, one cannot be tempted to question its quality. Also, the type of material used to make the wreath contributes to its quality. Being the world’s most expensive Christmas wreath, it is likely to have lots of counterfeits. Be sure to use a specialist to prevent you from being defrauded when making your purchase.


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