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Modern Diamond Cuts

Modern Diamond Cuts

The cut of a diamond is integral for showcasing its luster, shine, size and shape. While most cuts circulate around the primary, traditional cuts like the pear shape, the princess cut, the round cut diamond and others, there are new contenders in the market of modern diamond cuts.

A diamond consists of 3 parts in modern days. The diamond almost always has a “table,” a large flat surface on the top of the diamond-face distinguishing modern diamonds from antiques. This flat surface helps the diamond sparkle more than previous antique cuts. In contrast, the diamond will be raised in the center in a square or sharp manner, differing from traditional cuts.

The “pavilion” of the diamond is generally another term from the base, a structural portion of the stone that fits into most settings. The cut of the pavilion should coincide with the setting for optimal connection.

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The fattest part of the diamond, usually measured by a lip or rim, is the girdle. Just above the girdle the diamond will start coming back in, width-wise, in a portion of the diamond known as the “Crown.” The diamond in its entirety, with a modern cut, will usually have facets throughout that will then be polished to the utmost shine.

New diamond cuts are introduced to help the diamond reach it’s fullest potential in shine.

Most diamond cuts throughout history were based on the Old European Cut. Today, certain manufacturers are offering a New or Modern European cut diamond.

Abazias describes how the Old and Modern European cut differ: “When compared to the old European cut it’s easy to see several differences between the two.  These older cuts have very small tables, making them appear to be smaller overall, have a heavy and tall crown, and are much deeper than modern diamonds.  The girdle is still circular in both cuts, but modern advances in the design were born with the old European cut.”

The Modern European cut diamond usually has 57-58 facets.

Another modern cut is from well-known jewelry designer Bez Ambar. After countless hours of R & D, Bez Ambar designed the “Blaze Cut” diamond, utilizing 13 facets to bring out the full potential of a diamonds shine. Bez Ambar was looking to maximize the Fire dispertion in the stones.

According to an article from American Banking News: ““When the Blaze stones are set next to each other, they create large areas of uninterrupted brilliance infused with hundreds of colorful explosions of light.”

Modern diamond cuts are popping up all over the circuit to help manufacturers, appraisers and the public identify modern diamonds separately from the antiques and previous years’ productions. This innovative concept will continue to roll out new cuts to the marketplace from time to time.


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