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Trend Alert: Mixed Metal Jewelry

Trend Alert: Mixed Metal Jewelry

Mixed Metal Jewelry

A trend that has been here and gone every so often since the 1970s, mixing metals is an eclectic way to feature more than once piece of jewelry at a time.

Perhaps you adore a certain gold necklace, but really enjoy wearing your platinum and diamond tennis bracelet, too! What’s wrong with tying in a gorgeous tricolor gold and diamond ring to truly tie together the ensemble and showcase all of your pieces?

Mixed Metal Jewelry, Tri-Color Rolling ring with diamonds, rose gold rolling ring, diamond rolling ringThis piece featured in the Raymond Lee Jewelers online store is a Tricolored gold and diamond ring, assembled of 14k rose, yellow, and white gold. Featuring .60 ctw of diamonds, its sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Perhaps you’re trying to find a piece to tie together an understated, earth-toned dress?

tri color diamond bracelet, rose gold bracelet, rose white yellow gold

This fantastic Tri-color gold bracelet with a total weight of 39.6dtw is chock full of gorgeous, glimmering diamonds surrounded by 14k Yellow, White and Rose Gold. A complete statement on your wrist best for the understated outfit.

Mixing metals is incredibly fashionable – especially through the fall and winter. The pieces really brighten up any outfit and make a great statement without necessarily being too ‘flashy.’

This look is one from Cartier’s Trinity Tri colored gold series campaign. Notice that with a solid colored dress, like red, you can feature multiple pieces of tricolored gold and maintain a very classic look. The ring and mess of bangles are key to getting the right look, in fact, with a solid colored dress.

This look can be achieved easily and really highlights many outfits. The trend started within the last year, so it should be around and fashionable for quite a few more seasons to come!



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