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All the Details on the Miami Heat Rings

All the Details on the Miami Heat Rings

What weighs in at a quarter of a pound, includes 219 diamonds at 10.8 total carat weight and is made of 14 carat gold and white gold?

If you said the 2012 NBA championship rings that the Miami Heat were presented with on October 30th you’d be right on the ball. The rings were presented to ownership, players, and coaches at a special ceremony prior to the NBA team’s season opener against the Boston Celtics.

Here are the details.

The rings are HUGE, and yes, they actually weigh about a quarter of a pound (115 grams). The ring features a black onyx background on the face, with a depiction of the Larry O’Brien championship trophy paired with the Heat logo. The trophy is made of diamonds, with one single brilliant cut, half-carat diamond serving as the basketball in the trophy. The entire perimeter of the ring has 46 princess cut diamonds as well. Only two words grace the front of the ring…”World Champions”.

On one side, the rings have the words “All in”, customized with the name of the recipient, and the year 2012. It also has a black onyx trophy, created with two black onyx stones, trimmed in gold. The bottom of the trophy has 16 small bars, each depicting a victory in their championship run. The trophy is surrounded by 15 numbers, each for a player who comprised the championship team. On the other side, there are two images of the Larry O’Brien Trophy, set with 43 round brilliant cut diamonds. The two images symbolize the two championships in the franchise’s history, in 2006 and 2012. The word “Family” is placed underneath the pair of trophies.

No details were spared as even the inside of the Miami Heat rings were engraved with the words” Forged in the fire between a hammer and anvil.” The date the actual championship was won, 6-21-12, is also engraved on the inside.

While it is not known how much the rings costs, the NBA apparently has a limit that teams can spend. Last year, Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks responded to his players requests for $150,000 championship rings by saying the NBA limit was “nowhere near $150,000 each.”

We may not know the exact cost of Lebron James and Company rings, but we do know the ring was designed by Josten’s, who is offering fan replicas in 10 carat gold “starting” at $3,900.

Photos courtesy of Josten’s and NBA.com

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