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Men’s Wedding Bands That Will Make His Married Experience Unforgettable – Guest Post by Samantha Lippert

Men’s Wedding Bands That Will Make His Married Experience Unforgettable – Guest Post by Samantha Lippert

Men’s Wedding Bands That Will Make His Married Experience Unforgettable

He got you a dazzling engagement ring, the wedding is planned and the location is secured – now what about his wedding band? If you are looking for a ring that will show your partner just how much you love and appreciate him, here are a few ideas for men’s wedding bands that will make his experience at your wedding absolutely memorable.

Precious Metal Looks at Budget Prices

As your wedding draws closer, you may find that your budget is simply not going to allow for a band in a more costly precious material like platinum or gold. Fortunately, the currently rich contemporary metals and materials market for men’s wedding bands means that you can find your husband a stunning and beautifully made ring at an affordable price.

For those seeking a classic white metal look, both palladium and cobalt chrome are excellent options. Palladium is a lustrous white metal that bears a strong resemblance to white gold or platinum at a reduced price. Cobalt chrome is an increasingly seen alternative metal alloy that has also has a high luster and is durable, scratch and crack-resistant. As an added bonus, both metals are hypoallergenic, making them ideal for those with sensitive or allergic skin.

Make His Ring Unique

If you think he might want something with a more uncommon look, titanium, tungsten and ceramic men’s wedding bands are all popular alternative material choices that boast eye-catching appearances. Titanium is bio-compatible, durable and very lightweight, and often seen in its signature industrial gunmetal color. Sometimes known as Seranite rings, ceramic men’s wedding bands are durable and scratch-resistant, and nearly as light as titanium. Ceramic men’s rings are often seen in a mysterious inky hue, and have a distinct non-metallic appeal.

Tungsten is also a ceramic-based material, albeit one that boasts a nearly incomparable strength. In fact, on the Mohs hardness scale, the only natural material harder than tungsten is a diamond. Generally tungsten can be seen in a smoky grey color, although there are also men’s wedding bands available in black tungsten and white tungsten, which has a white metal look similar to palladium and cobalt chrome.

Add Personalized Details

There are a number of ways that you can further individualize and enliven your husband’s wedding ring. One of the most oft-used customization details is an engraving on the interior of his ring. Most men’s wedding bands can be etched with your personalized message in a font of your choosing. Popular choices are your wedded initials as a couple or your wedding date, but some brides like to include something more light-hearted, such as a favorite shared phrase or joke. If you think your man would really like to display your tribute of affection, you can even have the exterior of his band engraved.

If your husband has a dazzling personality, you might consider adding diamonds to his wedding band. There are an impressive number of men’s diamond rings on the market, and you are sure to find a band that complements his personality and style while bringing in a little element of luxury. In addition to classic white diamonds, black diamonds are being increasingly seen in men’s wedding bands, and can add a stunning masculine touch.

If your husband has a favorite color, consider integrating it. Many contemporary styles of men’s rings have a number of inset or accent options, some of the most popular being carbon fiber inlays. Men’s wedding bands in gold can also come in a tremendous variety of hues – from traditional yellow to sophisticated white to up-and-coming favorites like rose and green gold – even black and grey gold!

By simply putting some extra thought into his wedding band and making it reflect his unique personality, you are sure to make your wedding as extraordinary and meaningful for him as it is for you.

Author Bio: Samantha writes for Mens Wedding Rings, an online shop that offers a wide selection of unique men’s wedding bands, traditional rings and many alternative styles.


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