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Men’s Watches: Luxury time pieces

Men’s Watches: Luxury time pieces

omega watches

Men’s watches are the accessory that time and time again come in as the strongest statement pieces. These are the ones that all gentlemen of all styles and preferences can express their fashion and lifestyle. There are watches for each and every type of guy no matter what you prefer. And at Diamonds by Raymond Lee we have an incredible collection of men’s watches. Luxury timepieces featuring well known brands such as Audemars Piguet, Omega, Rolex of course and Parmigiani. It comes without saying that these are some of the powerhouse brands when it comes to luxury men’s watches. And there are many a model in these brands’ collections that are simply staples for any man. Whether he has got his first watch or is already an avid collector with an extensive collection of watches. We cater to everyone and make sure that our South Florida community is provided for.

Here we have a quick glimpse at some of the brands we have ready for you in our stores. Although this does not even begin to cover our full range of styles, bespoke customized watches and different models. It does give you a little bit of an idea of the fine men’s watches we have on offer here. You can visit our stores for a personalized experience where you can ask out master craftsmen any questions you might have. Otherwise feel free to browse our wide collection of luxury timepieces here: https://diamondsbyraymondlee.com/category/luxury-timepieces/ We have a passion for men’s luxury watches and accessories, aside from our dazzling delight with diamonds. It is why we maintain such a large and widespread collection. Our team knows each watch brand intimately and can help you find the ideal luxury watch for you. From an Audemars to an Omega watch.

Luxury timepiece brands from Audemars to Omega

When it comes to luxury we know what to expect. From the finest and most powerful movements to the design and luxurious aesthetic there are a few pre requisites to walk along side the master brands of men’s luxury accessories. The watches that have from Switzerland and beyond and for over a century have maintained not only the industry standard but pushed their limits to the edge. These are the watches and their brands that we see year after year at the Basel World festival. The place where ever newer and more advanced versions are unveiled for gentlemen around the world waiting for a glimpse of the next heavy weight watch.

omega watches

Omega 3750 Speedmaster Automatic Chronograph Watch

This Omega Speedmaster is an incredible watch. Really a strong candidate for any gentleman’s collection it is a watch for men who enjoy larger watches. Coming in at a whopping 42 mm case the stainless steel Omega watch has a large face. Additionally it features a black dial with a matching black fixed Tachymeter bezel. The dial is an interesting chronograph dial with luminescent hour markers for improved visibility. This racing collection from the iconic classic Omega brand takes all of the automotive racing sport excitement and brings it right to your wrist. There are a lot of unique style touches to this watch that are reminiscent of auto racing and the features are just as fast. For the guy who is monitoring a race and keeping track of seconds these watches with their abundant sub dials and powerful precision are the way to go, every time, we know.  

A mixture of inspiration from the past and a futuristic technology in its movements the Speedmaster goes to new distances. From the wrists of men driving high performance vehicles the Omega Speedmaster has gone further. And we mean much, much further indeed. Worn on both the Poles of our planet this watch has gone to outer space. Even making it to the moon. No joke. It is the type of tool relied on by men who go places and do things no one else has ever done. That is why this piece is a great addition to any gentleman’s collection. Regardless of how ample or new it may be.

Powerfully Precise Movements

When it comes to the inside of these luxury accessory watches it is all about the movements. Their power, precision and flexibility is the most sought after and important piece of the luxury time piece puzzle. If the watch does not pack a punch it is bound to lose its spot amongst the world’s best watch brands. However year after year we are impressed by the tradition, master craftsmanship and incredible innovations that turn out. From deep sea water proof resistant watches to some absolutely incredible complications the watch world does not need to hold its breath when it comes to technological innovation. There is always something new and it is always ground breaking too.

rolex 16800 submariner

Rolex 16800 Stainless Steel Black Dial Submariner Gents Watch

A Rolex is the iconic men’s watch. A brand the surpasses all others to literally be the crowned King. Rolex has continuously been at the very forefront of technological advancement and powerful precision. They have watches that led the movement in the industry to reach new heights and new depths. The Rolex 16800 Submariner gentleman’s watch is one that took them very deep. To the depths of the ocean blue. Already strongly associated with maritime sports and marine exploration. What with the Yachtmaster and Yachtmaster II it was no surprise when they decided to go down below the surface. The Submariner is an incredible tool for divers. Able to retain its properties and provide precise time keeping at depths of up to 100 meters the watch from 1953 continues to hold true to its title. This watch is not only powerful but also impeccably designed its made for increased visibility.

From the luminescent hour markers, hour and minute hands this watch helps you keep track of how long you have been down deep. Further the simple shapes on the dial like the inverted triangle, circles and rectangles make it instantly easy to read. These features help you avoid confusion as you explore the depths of the ocean. This watch also facilitates calculations with a unidirectional rotating with Cerachrom insert. Beyond the case itself, although the scratch resistant sapphire is a must on a watch as tough as this one, the bracelet is also made for adventure. The Oyster steel solid link bracelet is as faithful to the original model as it is innovative. An alloy mixture patented by Rolex it is what keeps your tool safely in place. This robust watch is comfortable and reliable while also boasting its incredible legacy and heritage. It is a classic favorite among aficionados.

Men’s watch aesthetics: design to match their power

Now it is not just what is inside these watches that make us tick. While the powerhouses within each one of these luxury brand men’s watches is stunning we are also interested in their aesthetic beauty. While the powerfully strong watch is great we want to know what it looks like. Also we want to know how it will look iced out. That is right not only are these watches expected to perform at the highest standard and have the very best looks it also needs to have access to be modified with bespoke diamonds and jewels. When it comes to men’s luxury watches we know the element of individuality is the most important. It is why we also see these brands bringing out special edition watches. As well as watches with the space or jewelled features like diamond bezels and hour markers too. It’s no doubt these are exclusive.

audemars piguet men's watch iced out in 18k rose gold

Audemars Piguet 26178 Royal Oak Offshore 18k Rose Gold Diamond Watch

Finally the truly singular and unique time piece. A fully iced out Audemars Piguet in a modern classic 18 carat rose gold. This Royal Oak Offshore is unlike any other Audemars Piguet men’s watch. This one has all the glam and detailed bespoke additions to make it one of a kind. This gorgeous watch features an incredible three row pave diamond bezel. As well as a matching fully diamond fitted dial face and diamond encrusted slugs. There is no piece of this Audemars Piguet infinitesimally thin watch that is not covered in diamonds. It is a glinting, glimmering gorgeous beauty and we know it has powers beyond its stunning looks. This watch also packs a strong punch when it comes to the movements and machinations inside. One of the world’s most powerfully precise watches it matches its looks with a keen ability to keep time down to the seconds too.

A gorgeous piece it is more of a jewelry accessory than it is a time piece in our opinion. The gorgeous diamonds and stunning color from the rose gold truly elevate this piece. Further the bands are all the hype in this day and age. For a strongly modern watch design like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore you can get really cool with personalised straps. There are some top notch brands that produce rubber straps for luxury brand watches like this Audemars Piguet. So if you are over the black rubber strap all the time or want something that will switch up that diamond shine, like dare we say a white rubber strap, you have got options. We carry some of the industry best when it comes to bespoke accessories for your accessory even boasting unique straps like one of the green camouflage styles.

pershing parmigiani men's watch

Parmigiani 18k Rose Gold Fleurier Pershing Chronograph Mens Watch

Finally the Parmigiani Fleurier Pershing. This men’s watch is a chronograph as well but has a significantly different touch from the watches above. An 18 carat rose gold beauty this watch also has a large 42 mm case. It is ideal for increased visibility and readability. Innovative and with a strong starck design style the Parmigiani Pershing watches are rich in craftsmanship and always at the cutting edge of innovation. The bezel is a polished gold style significantly raised from the case. Furthermore, the lugs have sharp lines and astute design. Along with the exposed beveled crown and push buttons, this watch has a strong presence and personality. There are two offset sub dials on the dial with a white background contrasting strongly with the black dial. Further there is a small date window at six o’clock.  

Diamonds by Raymond Lee Men’s Watches in South Florida

If you are looking for all of the latest and greatest men’s watches then you have found your destination. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we are tirelessly searching for the next big thing and we have brought the very best of the best to our stores right here in South Florida. It is without a doubt that we have a strong and widely inclusive collection. Featuring some of the world’s greatest brands we do know that when it comes to luxury accessories like fine time pieces a wide range is important. And not only when it comes to the brands. However also the models and watches available. That is why beyond just carrying your stock standard set of models from these incredible brands we also have unique limited edition pieces, bespoke modified jewelled series and of course the classic vintage versions that are highly sought after yet hard to find.

We also have our master jewellers test each and every one of these watches, specially the vintage versions so that we know we are offering you a quality product. These are all certified to still perform at their desired capacities and we use the latest testing technology available to make sure it does. There is no worry when it comes to purchasing a Diamonds by Raymond Lee time piece because we offer guarantees. Our aim is to offer superior service and assist our clientele in growing their collection of fine timepieces. We take the time and love to discuss your purchase with you to get an idea of what exactly you are looking for and how to best serve you. It is important to purchase with knowledge and we know exactly how to walk you through each one of your purchases. It is just about your style and the watch.

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