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Men’s Olympic Fashion Trends

Men’s Olympic Fashion Trends

The Olympic Games are one of the premier sporting events in the world. It’s a shame that athletes can only showcase their talents and abilities every 4 years, but they have to make it count. Bringing home the gold is only part of it, while athletes are also trying to set the best trends for upcoming years in sports and beyond.

Reflective eyewear was one of the hottest men’s Olympic fashion trends at the London games. Most of the rowing teams wore them, as well as silver metal swimmer Michael Jamieson. This way, athletes can maintain a “poker face” even under the most stressful or competitive situations.

Fancy, interesting prints were very in during the 2012 Olympics—but only for the men. US Swimmer Ryan Lochte wore the funkiest speedos, while Russian athletes were wrapped in a paisley-like red printed track jacket. Fun!

Just last season, color blocking was a very fashionable women’s trend. Mixing bright colored, contrasting wardrobe pieces dominated spring fashion, and then the Netherlands brought it to the opening ceremony of the Olympics, with many of their male athletes color blocking with bright orange slacks and royal blue top coats.

According to an article in the Guardian, “Prada’s recent menswear show was all about graphic outlining. It’s a look that draws attention and has crossover potential. Stella McCartney’s Team GB outfits have a brilliant sense of graphic about them. The red trim on Murray’s top and sleeve has that outlining effect, while the group effect of the bests, especially when you see them on a boat in motion has a real visual impact.”

The 2012 Olympics have set a new standard in fashion statements and sporty fashion statements. How long will these trends remain in fashion?


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