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Eternity bands are one of our all time favorite pieces of jewelry. They’re a staple in our bridal case, but even as right hand rings they can steal the show. And nothing does this better than a HUGE eternity band. An eternity band is a ring with stones – typically diamonds – that go all the way around your finger. From here to eternity, in a never ending circle, symbolic of your love story, or even just as a representation of your unending love for diamonds.

Eternity Bands

Typically we see them in round brilliant form, and not too too big, but there are wonderful exceptions to every rule. We particularly love funky twists on the design like our Tacori eternity bands with pear shapes(!) or a bright, buttery band of fancy yellow diamonds all the way around. And, because we’re in Boca, so very many of our loyal clientele live by the motto “bigger is better.” So when asked if all those big diamonds are uncomfortable to wear, these ladies pretty confidently reply that they’re very comfortable wearing big diamonds! Let’s explore a few of our favorites. Click on any of the pictures to shop the rings!

Eternity Bands

We love this stack of diamonds for a big look on a (comparatively) smaller budget. With two rows of round brilliant diamonds sandwiching a perfectly set row of baguettes, you get a combined 6.13 carats of diamonds that make a big impact on your hand.

Eternity BandsOn the other hand (literally) This massive emerald cut eternity band spares no expense, and makes no apologies. It features 15.34 carats of J/K color, VS clarity emerald cuts set in a minimalist platinum band.

Eternity Bands

This stunning fancy yellow eternity band pairs 11.74 carats of VS clarity cushion cut fancy yellow diamonds with a delicate border of 1.56ctw round brilliant diamonds. Those are G/H in color and VS in clarity, and the ring itself is crafted carefully from 18 karat yellow gold and pristine platinum.

Eternity Bands

This gorgeous ring features 4.69ctw of radiant cut diamonds set in shared prong style with platinum. They’re absolutely stunning and perfectly complement a radiant cut engagement ring with H color and VS1/VS2 clarity stones!

Eternity BandsThis classic round brilliant eternity band gets its edge from shared prongs that hide between each of the bright, huge round brilliant diamonds. They total 6.76ctw between the fourteen of them, all with G/H color and VS clarity set in platinum.

Eternity BandsWe adore this seamless emerald cut eternity band. There are 19 super skinny emerald cut beauties totalling 9.78 carats of H/I color and VS clarity diamonds. They’re wrapped in platinum to keep things cool and colorless!


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