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Magnificent Jewels at Sotheby’s New York

Magnificent Jewels at Sotheby’s New York

Since 2010 Sotheby’s has being leading the market in phenomenal diamond sales, in New York. The highest jewelry sale reached more than $460,000,000. One of the diamonds that helped put Sotheby’s over the limit, at their auction was an exquisite blue ice diamond ring. Included in the multi-million dollar sales were diamonds and gems from a variety of renowned sources.

Private collections and historical jewelry were among the items on display. An estimated 72 lots were sold, with the overall total reaching over $5,000,000.

Exquisite Blue Ice Diamond 2012

Sotheby’s jewelry exhibitions are always successful’ bringing in millions of dollars, and attracting clientele from around the globe. Auctions and jewelry sales always take place in New York in February, April, October and December.

In November 2010 the highest record selling diamond was the Pink Diamond known as the Graff. It sold for a record breaking $46.2 million dollars, a record auction sale that no other jewelry could touch.

Sotheby’s second most profitable year of diamond sales was held in New York. The estimated total in sales was more than $64,000,000, in December. Among the prestigious auctions were designs from prestige names like, Estee Lauder, Michael Wellby and Brooke Astor.

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