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Luxury Watches of the NFL

Luxury Watches of the NFL


One of the most prevalent areas of fashion today comes from celebrities and sports. Whether center stage or mid field the spotlight highlights the taste if some of our most followed role models. In this blog we’re going to explore some of the preferred styles of watches of NFL players.

When Calvin Johnson finishes a game his precise calculative play translate directly into a swagger style of the same precision. A Sohne steel model or an Alaingold on leather strap are common for Calvin during press conferences and after games. The steel models retail for about $4,700 and the gold on leather are very elegant designs that usually looks to be about $20,000 each.

Ray Lewis’s monstrous attitude shows through in his decision to sport a Blancpain platinum on platinum which was custom designed for $10,900.

Aaron Rodgers has a custom design also, this one is a design commemorating his first Super Bowl win with a gold on silver Patek Phillipe that he wears during team meetings and press conferences.

Darrelle Revis is the league’s most feared cornerback known for his intense influence on his area of the field titled “Revis Island”. His favorite watch is the Ulysse Nardin Gold on Gold bracelet which he wore when he was filming the NFL’s top 100 players for NFL network. This watch is extremely elegant and only a few were made.

Eli Manning’s taste is strongly influenced by his sponsor Citizen Eco Drive. You can see him wearing a platinum heavy chain band with a black quad dial tachymeter by Citizen eco drive. His watch gleans with red highlights and bright identifiers on a black background.

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