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Leighton Meester and Adam Broody Engaged!

Leighton Meester and Adam Broody Engaged!

If there is anything we love more than Hollywood drama, it’s Hollywood romance. Earlier this year there was gossip that former Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester had started dating her “The Oranges” co-star Adam Broody. The two have since enchanted the tabloid scene as one of the cutest Hollywood couples we have seen in a while. However, this week MTV News announced that the two have already taken the next big step and gotten engaged! Neither Leighton Meester nor Adam Brody have ever been married before and the announcement came as quite as a surprise to many, but fans of the two CW stars could not be happier.

The two stars met while filming “The Oranges” and friends of the couple say they fell in love pretty quickly. Although neither Meester nor Brody hesitated to take their relationship public, it is reported that Meester had no idea Brody was planning on proposing as soon as he did. The quick pace of the relationship is obviously not a turn off to Meester who said, “Yes,” to the big question.

To some the match seemed surprising, but that is mostly based on the polar differences in their respective CW roles. Adam Brody has been melting hearts on “The OC” as sensitive Seth Cohen, while Leighton Meester has been freezing folks out as the frigid Blair Waldorf on “Gossip Girl.” But that is the land of make believe. In real life the two are crazy about each other and are not hesitating at all to tie the knot.

Of course the next natural question has to be, “What about the ring?” Always a point of curiosity following an engagement, and most especially in the wake of a celebrity engagement, is the ring. Rumors of the impending engagement surfaced after the couple were seen shopping together in several upscale west coast jewelry stores. Store owners reported the couple to have eyed a few pricey pieces, including some impressive diamond baubles.

As of now no engagement ring pictures have surfaced of Meester flashing any engagement bling, though there are several interested persons keeping an eagle eye out for the first sighting. If the past is any indicator of the future, though, Meester will be choosing something elegant and possibly vintage. Meester is a huge fan of bohemian style jewelry such as that designed by Fulham who specialize in one of a kind hand made pieces. It would not be surprising if the name Ranjana Khan does not come up in the near future as other pieces of wedding jewelry are chosen as well. Meester has patronized the Khan collection for some time now. Khan is best known for her exotic fine jewelry creations which find their origin in her homeland of India. Khan is also internationally known for her, you guessed it, bridal jewelry creations! Meester is such an admirer of Khan’s that she has actually had baubles specifically designed for herself. Eva Longoria is another celebrity that has put in special design orders with Khan. Although Khan does not specifically design engagement and wedding bands, her line of “Vintage Bride” accessories would look stunning on Meester when the big day arrives.


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