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NBA stars: Making moves on and off the court

LeBron Wade Fashion

Miami Heat Stars Stay Fly on & Off the Court

Miami Heat NBA players LeBron James and Dwayne Wade are not only playing like stars, they’re dressing like them. After winning game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Celtics they accessorized their classy suits with some snazzy lenses. The thick-rimmed geek chic eyeglasses have been a fashion hit for quite some time now; as Oklahoma City Thunder assistant Mark Bryant says, he rocked them in the 1990’s and like most fashion trends, they’ve made a comeback.

This time around however, everyone is looking for a way to individualize them to fit their own taste. Mr. Wade likes to wear only the frame with no glass or plastic in them which gives off a “no obstacles in my way, clear vision” statement that is surely to help in the fight against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Other players like Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook who likes to wear his lenses with red frames making an ever bigger statement.

Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade rocks the geek glasses his own way – with no glass. 

Whether they wear them in red or lens-less, these eyeglasses from makers like Ray Ban and Edward Beiner can go for up to $500. And the look isn’t only famous in the U.S as players from across the globe in places like Japan have also been caught wearing them. Who knows what ball trick these players have up their sleeves. The geek look might be a disguise to confuse their competition on the court because when it’s finals time, every move is a strategic one.

While LeBron is a long-time fan of AP (he bought his first Royal Oak in solid gold back in 2008), his official ambassadorship recognizes his personal brand’s perfect alignment with Audemars’. And, as it’s a tradition for AP ambassadors to have limited edition watches designed for them, it’s loudly) whispered that there will be an official LeBron James edition Royal Oak Offshore before next year.
Regardless of the Finals’ outcome, it seems pretty clear that Dwayne Wade & LeBron James both are style MVP’s.

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