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You’ve carefully curated your jewelry collection. Each prized bauble called to you from its showcase (or the store window, we’ve been there too) begging you to take it home. And although it’s tempting, chances are you don’t sport every single piece of jewelry you own all at once. So where do your precious jewels languish when not in use? Hopefully in their designated pouches or boxes, or maybe in a jewelry chest or jewelry box. But if your collection has outgrown its home (or if it’s completely unruly), perhaps it’s time to upgrade. And the next best thing to investing in your own personal showcases? An jewelry dresser devoted to your bling!

Sarah from a House in the Hills decided to take charge of her colorful and extensive jewelry collection by converting a chest of drawers into the ideal jewelry closet – click on the images or the link above to see how she carefully organized her jewels!

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