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Chopard Unveils $1.5 Million Happy Sport Diamantissimo

Chopard Unveils $1.5 Million Happy Sport Diamantissimo

Anything valued at $1.58 million is a big deal, especially a sport watch. But Chopard has recently unveiled this high-cost, extremely extravagant watch and provides plenty of reasons for its price tag.

Retailing at $1.5 million Swiss francs ($1.58 million for us here in the States), this fabulous watch totals 65 carats in diamonds. Yes, that’s right, 65 carats. Set with 1,978 brilliant-cut diamonds as well as 958 baguette-cut diamonds, the watch itself is 18-carat white gold. Called the Happy Sport Diamantissimo, the watch celebrates a successful run of its Happy Sport watch line. In fact, the Happy Sport Diamantissimo marks the 20th anniversary of Chopard, the luxury jewelry and watch brand.

Chopard has told reporters and the public that this watch combines the company’s fine watchmaking with its expertise in high jewelry, which contributes to its high cost. A Chopard L.U.C 96.17-L in-house movement is what drives this fully mechanical timepiece.

One of the main reasons why the new Chopard release is so pricey is because of the sheer work that went into making such a beautiful piece of art for the wrist. Chopard has said that it took 1,700 hours dedicated solely to gem setting, with another 4,500 hours of manual work to create this timepiece. Using the “invisible” setting technique of covering the bracelet, case, bezel, and dial links with diamonds, also took a whole lot of work for the expert watchmakers. To get this invisible appearance of showing no setting prongs and showing no spaces, a seamless diamond-studded surface is created by cutting and adjusting each stone individually. It’s no wonder the Happy Sport Diamantissimo is highly regarded prior to its release.

Appearing in various different ways in the Mystery Pink, Happy Spirit, La Vie en Rose, and Happy Beach, the elegant and often humorous reinterpretation of the Happy Sport watch has been going on since 1993 when Caroline Scheufele created it.


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