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76 Carat Flawless Golconda Diamond set for Auction

76 Carat Flawless Golconda Diamond set for Auction

Mark November 13th down on your calendar. Just in time for your holiday shopping, that’s the date Christie’s will put up for auction one of the world’s most famous diamonds. The Archduke Joseph Diamond, named after one of its previous owners, is an eye-popping 76 carats. What may be most impressive however is that the giant diamond is perfect in color and internally flawless.

You might want to clear some room on your credit card however. The diamond is expected to sell for 15 million dollars.

The diamond originally was mined at India’s legendary Golconda mines, which have produced such diamonds as the blue Hope Diamond, the Dresden green and the Koh-i-Noor diamond which is now in the Tower of London.

The Archduke Joseph Diamond was previously sold by Christie’s in 1993, when it sold for some 9.7 million Swiss francs, equal to 10.5 million of today’s American dollars. Christie’s is keeping the name of the current owner confidential.

In the past few years, high end diamonds have been selling at auction at some record prices. In 2010 a 25 carat pink diamond sold for 46 million dollars in Geneva, and last December Elizabeth Taylor’s 33 carat diamond, presented to her by Richard Burton, sold for 8.8 million.

Like the “rock” star it is, the Archduke Joseph Diamond will be going on tour before the November 13th auction with exhibition tour stops in New York, Hong Kong and Geneva.

Raymond Z for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.


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