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Holiday Gift Guide No. 2: For Sis

Holiday Gift Guide No. 2: For Sis

These holiday gift ideas for your sister are sure to have her smiling from ear to ear (and totally forgetting about that time you gave all her Barbies haircuts). With bright, fun and cheerful gift ideas from her favorite stores, you can’t go wrong. And with a little sparkling something from us, you’ll cement your title as best sibling ever.

Philosophy’s Home for the Holidays set: Because you can’t wait to get home and see her.

Tory Burch Pouch : Because it’s chic and fun, just like her.

J. Crew polka dot sequin top: Because she’s cute.

Bluetooth Keyboard with techgrip case: Because she’s (tech) smart.

14k gold and black onyx studs: Because she really is the best sister ever.


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