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Panerai Marina Militare Pam 339

The popularity of the Panerai brand of luxury watches has exploded over the last decade; which may have to do with the fact that Sylvester Stallone has been pushing Panerai on all his pals in Hollywood. Panerai’s newest watch, the Marina Militare Pam 339, needs no help from Rocky to garner and hold the attention of watch enthusiasts. This sleek new watch has been heating up the watch industry this past year and has become one of Panerai’s top-selling timepieces.

The Militare Pam 339 does not stray too far from the traditional Panerai style that we have grown accustom to. The Marina Militare features state-of-the-art technological innovation and a familiar yet distinctive look that allows it to differentiate itself from the rest of the 2010 collection. This watch is definitely a statement piece with its 47 mm case and unique composite case material; it is no wonder they are flying off the shelves. Watch Sell.

The composite case is the main attraction of this watch, a first for any Panerai watch, this futuristic material is the result from the ceramization of aluminum through an electrochemical process. This new coating is stronger and lighter than steel and titanium. This composite process was commonly used in the aeronautic, car and motorcycle industries due to its superb capabilities. You can be sure this watch wont be getting any dents or dings while on your wrist.

The Militare Pam 339 has rich bronze matte look that gives the watch an either brown or black color depending on the lighting source. The dial and crown also have this same look which contrasts nicely with the milky brown color of the vintage leather strap. The strap has exquisite stitching that is reminiscent of the ecru color of Panerai’s Super-LumiNova. This is a very limited run with only 1,500 watches being released and with a price tag of $26,000. Panerai is slowly releasing this batch so be sure to keep you eyes open if you’re in the market for one as they are going fast. Raymond Lee Jewelers has plenty of Panerai watches on sale well below retail, make us your number one previously owned watch retailer.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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