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Four Seasons Jewelry Heist is No Oceans 14

Four Seasons Jewelry Heist is No Oceans 14

Even in criminal escapades, we tend to view thieves as somewhat romantic. This is particularly true of jewelry thieves. The movies have portrayed jewel thieves as intelligent, patient in planning, and exquisite in execution. Jewel thieves are thought of as athletic men dressed in black, smarter than alarm systems, and stealth in nature. A perfectly executed jewelry heist is something that books are written about and movies are made of.

Not so much in a jewelry robbery at the Four Seasons Hotel on a recent Saturday in New York. At about 2am two young men walked into the East 57th Street location. While one engaged in a conversation with the staff, the other pulled out a sledgehammer from underneath his trench coat. Yep, a fully fledged sledgehammer. He began to smash away at the Four Seasons jewelry cases. There was no dodging of security lasers, no quietly picking the lock on a safe, no velvet gloved removal of items from a jewelry case. They only used a sledgehammer and the distraction of a partner in crime.

What has happened to proper parenting?

To the thieves chagrin, the cases they began smashing had some pretty tough glass. Sure, the pair got away with about $170,000 worth of jewelry but the criminals were at least in part, slowed by the tough security glass. They seemed to focus on a particular case that contained pieces from Jacob & Company, owned by Jacob Arabo. Arabo has been given the moniker of the Harry Winston of the hip-hop world. The thieves were apparently lured to Mr. Arabo’s creations and went after them with a vengeance…or at least a sledgehammer.

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Jacob and Co JC3 5 Timezone Stainless Steel Watch

While it may be a compliment to Mr. Arabo that the thieves would focus on his creations, he must also be troubled. After all, how appealing can your line of jewelry be if a sledgehammer is the tool of choice to acquire them?

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