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Florence Welch Creates Jewelry Capsule Collection

Florence Welch Creates Jewelry Capsule Collection

Florence Welsh’s Distinctive Style Expressed In Jewelry Design

Florence Welch can switch from rocker leather look to flowing flower child look with ease. This may turn out to be the wow-factor that will set her new jewelry line apart from all the rest.

Florence has joined the bandwagon of celebrities that start their own fashion lines. This artsy rocker wisely chose to brand herself in a line of jewelry. The pieces are said to be inspired by her latest album Ceremonials. The blocky and bold look of the pieces are testimonial to this inspiration.

The singer adds a personal touch to every design, and it shows. For example, one “bird cage” ring reflects the design of a particular tattoo that she sports. There are creations of silver by the designer/rocker that can be bought for a mere $33 dollars. This is good news for the lover of art and music inspired jewelry.

Look for this new capsule collection by Florence on Flotique, her e-commerce site. It will be a great addition to the shirts, mugs and screen prints sold there. We think a jewelry line was a smart decision for Florence. We will be waiting with baited breath to see if she decides to express all that creativity with a line of clothing. Her timeless style is evident in her music and fashions.

Florence Welch Fashion Jewelry

Florence Welsh fashion jewelry is tastfully bold and geometric. It reflects Renaissance change that connects with modern times. Notice the bird cage ring inspired personally by one of her tattoos.

Florence Welsh jewelry designs seem to speak of the future while quietly reflecting the great designs of the past.

Rebecca M for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.


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